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Good Endings in Roblox Need More Heat occurs when the in-game father NPC allows your character to skip school. The gameplay starts off simple, but as you begin completing objectives, it becomes largely chaotic. Additionally, there are several tasks and interactions that can alter the ending. In fact, there are as many as five endings in the game, two being Good ones, and the rest being Bad, Insanity, and Fatal.

This guide will provide you with all the steps required to get Good Endings in Roblox Need More Heat.

Long Good Ending in Roblox Need More Heat


Once you launch the game, you must select one temperature unit from Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin to enter the game. The storyline begins with your avatar waking up in bed. You must complete several objectives to fake sickness by increasing the temperature of your character and surroundings.

After each task, interact with the father NPC to unlock the next one. Each time your temperature is checked, he will outright deny that you have a fever and will force you to go to school.

Follow the steps outlined below to get the first Good Ending in Roblox Need More Heat:

  • Get out of your room and go inside the second room down the hall.
  • You'll see your NPC father. Interact with him to get permission to skip school.
  • The NPC will check your temperature with an infrared temperature machine and will tell you to get ready for school.
  • Turn on the lights and lamps in both rooms.
  • Interact with the NPC to get the second objective.
  • Now, roam around the house and switch on all the lights (garage, kitchen, and bathroom).
  • Return to the NPC and interact with him.
  • This time, he will tell you to eat breakfast and get ready for school.
  • Head to the bathroom, turn on the tub's tap and jump inside it to increase your avatar's temperature.
  • After this action, go to the kitchen, grab the mug, and put it inside the oven.
  • Wait for a few seconds, open the microwave, and then drink the hot chocolate.
  • Talk to the NPC, he will again tell you that everything is fine and demand you go to school.
  • Approach your room's wardrobe and equip yourself with winter clothes.
  • Now, roam the house and close all the open windows to increase the heat inside the house.
  • The NPC will still deny that you have a fever. You will then be tasked with opening all the faucets in the house.
  • After doing this, go to your room, grab the homework bundle, and throw it inside the fireplace in the hall.
  • After talking to the NPC, head to the kitchen and throw in a fork in the microwave.
  • The next objective is to burn the car, head to the garage, and hold the interact button to pour gasoline all over the car.
  • A yellow line will appear at the garage's entrance. Go to it and hit the interact button to start the fire.
  • After the NPC conversation, go outside the house, get close to a tree, and set it on fire.
  • The NPC will still say that you are fine. Now, head to the pool (behind the house) and press the interact button.
  • Devil is summoned, and he fills the empty pool with lava. Jump inside it, swim for a bit, and head back to your father's room.
  • He will say the same thing. This time, head to the living room and switch on the TV.
  • Use the remote to change the channel, stop at the Dragon ad, and use the phone (near the TV) to type the numbers 321-456.
  • A dragon will burn the house after a short cutscene.

With the entire house and surroundings on fire, the NPC will say that you should go to the school, and the final objective for the first Good Ending in Roblox Need More Heat appears.

  • Go outside the house and look up to spot the shining sun.
  • Hit the interact button to pull it closer to your house.

The NPC father will finally allow you to take a day off, and Roblox Need More Heat ends with a Good Ending.

Short Good Ending in Roblox Need More Heat


Follow the steps below for a short Good Ending:

  • When you are about to turn on the faucets, head to the back of the house and go near the NPC room's window.
  • A small cutscene will take place; turn around and collect a flower.
  • Across the house is a small forest. Walk inside it and follow the dirt path.
  • You will then reach a grave. Place the flower near it to unlock the short Good Ending in Roblox Need More Heat.

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