Who’s SUS: A Definitive Guide

A definitive guide to Who
A definitive guide to Who's SUS (Image via Roblox)

Who’s SUS is a Roblox experience inspired by the hit game, Among Us. In it, you can become the Investigator and try to find out who is the imposter. Alternatively, you can assume the role of the Imposter and frame others to become the victor as the only person left on the server.

If you’ve played Among Us, you will feel right at home in this game. But if you’ve yet to experience it, it can be a little difficult to succeed. This multiplayer experience demands deception from the imposter and impeccable detective skills from the investigator.

Here’s a complete guide on Who’s SUS and how you can consistently win as either the Investigator or the Imposter.

What Who’s SUS is about

Who's SUS (Image via Roblox)
Who's SUS (Image via Roblox)

In Who’s SUS, players are randomly chosen to be Investigators and Imposters. As an Investigator, you must communicate with other players on the server to determine the Imposter’s identity. Meanwhile, the Imposter must deceive everyone else to remain in the game for as long as possible.

Each Investigator has access to a secret word that is kept from the Imposter. The catch is that Investigators don’t know which player the Imposter is, making it imperative to describe the word as vaguely as possible.

A minimum of three players are required to start a match (Image via Roblox)
A minimum of three players are required to start a match (Image via Roblox)

Matches in this experience are divided into four phases: Interrogation, Discussion, Vote For Vote Out, and Vote Out. Here’s how each of these work:

  • Interrogation Phase: Investigators can pose questions to each other where they say something tangentially related to the secret word. They must find out who does not know the word to find the Imposter, while the Imposter must attempt to feign awareness of the word.
  • Discussion Phase: After the Interrogations Phase concludes, players can discuss with one another to figure out who the Imposter is.
  • Vote For Vote Out Phase: Players can cast a vote to decide whether they are ready to kick one of them out or not. If the majority chooses not to vote, the game starts another round of Interrogation and Discussion phases.
  • Vote Out Phase: If players choose to kick someone out, they enter the Vote Out phase. Here, each player can vote on kicking a player whom they suspect is the Imposter. Regardless of their identity, the person with the most votes is kicked out.

If the Imposter is successfully kicked out, the Investigators will win the game. However, if the Imposter manages to pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes, they will win the match instead.

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Tips on winning in Who’s SUS

Official cover art for the game (Image via Roblox)
Official cover art for the game (Image via Roblox)

Winning in Who’s SUS can be tricky, especially if you are new to the game. Here are a few tips that can improve your odds in this Roblox experience:

  • Using your microphone instead of the in-game chat makes this game more enjoyable. Discussions will hold more weight and often become heated, depending on the Imposter’s skill at deceiving others.
  • Consider playing the game with friends instead of joining random servers. That way, you will be able to talk freely and discuss your own terms while being aware of each others’ boundaries.
  • Don’t hesitate to restart the game by voting No in the Vote for Vote Out phase. Sometimes, thinking for an extra couple of minutes can help you reformulate your strategies well. This applies to Investigators more so than it does the Imposters.
  • Investigators should try to avoid making the secret word too obvious as if the Imposter grows wise of the word, they will win the game. Losing access to the secret word can be considered an instant loss for Investigators, as the game won’t reach a conclusion.
  • Pattern recognition is a skill that can do wonders for the Imposter. If they can pick up the subtleties in the Investigators’ speech, they may be able to make an educated guess on the secret word.

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What is Who’s SUS about?

Who’s SUS is an Among Us-style game where Investigators must find the Imposter and kick them out through voting.

How do I become an Imposter in Who’s SUS?

You can become an Imposter by purchasing the role from the in-game shop or when the game chooses you as one.

What is the best way to win as an Investigator in Who’s SUS?

Frame questions in a way that incorporates the secret word without making it explicitly clear to win as an Investigator.

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