5 stats of teams that you would not notice - Heaviest scorers, most draws and most tosses lost

Zimbabwe is a team that has lost least no.of tosses in test matches

Undoubtedly, like many other sports, cricket is also a game of numbers and records. There are many well-known records that most of us have heard of. Many of us know about Bradman’s 99.94 Test average or Sachin’s 100 international centuries.Records of individual players are always well-known by fans, what is often not as well remembered are the stats the teams garner. As a result, some incredible figures racked up by teams fall through the cracks and remain unnoticed.We draw attention here to 5 such stats:

#1 Teams with most no.of tosses lost in tests

Zimbabwe is a team that has lost least no.of tosses in test matches

The toss depends purely on luck. It plays a very important role. Sometimes it can decide the fate of the match because of the conditions and pitch, for example if you are playing in overcast conditions and you win the toss and decide to bowl first, it might give an extra advantage to your bowlers.

In Tests, the toss becomes even more important, as the team batting in the fourth innings is almost invariably seen trying to save the match.

Here is a table that shows teams with most no.of tosses lost in tests till this day. England has lost more tosses in tests compared to others and they have won also more tosses – owing simply to the vast number of matches that they have played.

TeamNo.of tosses lost in tests
West Indies248
South Africa203
New Zealand199
Sri Lanka110

#2 Teams with most no.of bilateral series wins in T20Is

Pakistan has won 17 times bilateral series

The T20I is the least played format on the international stage, owing to the presence of several leagues like the IPL and the Big Bash. When teams do, however, take on each other in a series of T20Is, it is Pakistan who have been the most successful.

Most no.of bilateral series won by teams in descending order:

TeamNo.of series playedNo.of series won
South Africa3015
New Zealand3413
Sri Lanka1111
West Indies2710

#3 Teams with most no.of 200+ scores in T20Is

Australia has scored 200 or more runs in T20s 7 times, which is a record.

If any team wants to win a T20 match, 200 is the benchmark for what can be called a safe score.

Here in the following table, we have presented teams who have scored most no.of times 200 or more runs in T20 internationals, in descending order.

Team No.of 200+ scores
South Africa7
West Indies5
New Zealand4
Sri Lanka4

#4 Teams with most 600+ totals in tests

Surprisingly, New Zealand has scored 600 or more runs only 6 times

In Test cricket, scoring big runs on the board is the main strategy of any team to put the opposition team under pressure. But for putting big scores on the board, something around 600 runs or more, you need all your batsmen complementing each other well and scoring heavily. Once a team scores in excess of 600 runs, it is considered that there is little chance that they will lose the match.

Here are teams with most times 600 or more runs in test matches in descending order.

TeamNo.of 600+ scores
West Indies20
Sri Lanka12
South Africa11
New Zealand6

#5 Teams with most no.of draws in tests

England has managed to draw 340 tests till this day, another record.

A draw is a test with no result. Historically, the concept of drawn tests evolved after test matches were restricted to a period of 6 days and then 5 days respectively in the 18th and 19th century. Prior to this, a test would go on for undefined time until unless a winner was found.

Here are teams with most no.of draws in test matches in descending order.

TeamNo.of draws in tests
West Indies170
New Zealand159
Sri Lanka80

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