"Keep those silly designs off my World #1, ballkids have better clothes" - Fans react to Iga Swiatek's kit in photoshoot for Roger Federer-backed On

Roger Federer (L) and Iga Swiatek (R)
Roger Federer (L) and Iga Swiatek (R)

Iga Swiatek's outfit for a photoshoot with her apparel sponsor, Roger Federer-backed On, has thoroughly disappointed tennis fans.

During the recent Sunshine Double, Swiatek sported a black On kit with a pink stripe, alongside a white version. She donned the same outfit in a recent photoshoot for the sportswear brand, alongside fellow On-sponsored player Ben Shelton, with the kits advertised as being "co-created" with the players.

On has frequently faced criticism from tennis fans with regards to Iga Swiatek's kits, as they have largely remained unchanged. They typically feature the same silhouette in white, black, pink and blue colorways.

As such, fans were disappointed with the design of the Pole's latest outfit, arguing that she deserves better given her status as World No. 1.

"Keep those silly graphic designs OFF MY WORLD #1. She's in her prime but ballkids have better clothes than her on court," one fan posted.
"Naaaah I'm so sorry but your kit are so ugly... My WTA world number 1, Iga Swiatek deserves better," another fan wrote.
"Please come with a better design for the clothing. There must be something better than a 2 shades and a line going through," wrote yet another.

Other fans raised concerns about the quality of the fabric, particularly criticizing its inability to wick away sweat effectively.

"A product of such low quality for such a price. I feel sorry for your athletes, who probably among all the players suffer the most from the bad material of your kits, you can see with the naked eye how they sweat during matches and how the water does not evaporate," one fan commented.
"Mind u this is their shirts when u "break a sweat,"" another fan chimed in.

A few other fans used humor and sarcasm to express their disappointment with Iga Swiatek's outfit.

"Can we get different styles as well...been seeing the same kit just different colors for almost one year now," one fan wrote.
"Releasing this on April Fool’s is very fitting, let’s just say that," said another.

Iga Swiatek on partnering with On: "Roger Federer's a huge inspiration, he was a big factor for me in making this decision"

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek attributed her decision to partner with apparel sponsor On to Roger Federer's influence, given the 20-time Grand Slam champion's role as a shareholder in the sportswear brand.

"When Roger (retired), I was just entering the tour, so the timing wasn’t perfect for us to be on tour together. I met him when I was already talking with On," Iga Swiatek told Vogue last year.
"Everything that he does is with so much class. Roger’s a huge inspiration; he changed our game, basically. He was a big factor for me in making this decision," she added.

The World No. 1 also shed light on her involvement with the design of her outfits, expressing her desire to introduce more color into her kits, particularly purple and green.

"Yes, we talk mostly about the design because in terms of the technicalities, they’re doing such a great job that I don’t feel that I really need to be involved that much. We’re mostly talking about fit and design," she said.
"I love colors, so I told them I would love to wear more colorful stuff at the US Open. I’m really happy that I’ll have my own collection; it’s really exciting. I love purple. And I love green," she added. "I’m pretty sure I’m going to convince On to do something purple in the future."

Iga Swiatek commences her claycourt season at the Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart, entering the WTA 500 event as a two-time defending champion.

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