5 Best Valorant Agents for attacking on Bind map and 5 for Defending

Best agents for attacking and defending on Bind in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Best agents for attacking and defending on Bind in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular FPS titles. Riot Games has built this game with great mechanics and design. Over the years, Riot has made a lot of improvements. Owing to this, Valorant now has a huge community base and it shows in the game’s immense popularity and success.

In order to have an advantage over the opponents, especially in a competitive game, it’s important to know the meta. The most important part of the meta is knowing which agents are more useful on certain maps in Valorant.

Due to the portals on Bind, the map gets a whole new level of playability. The portals make for an easy way to rotate between the sites. Additionally, the tight choke points and corridors offer a thrilling gameplay experience in the competitive sphere. Due to these factors, some agents have the upper hand on the Map.

At the start of every match, players have to select an agent to play on both attack and defense side of the game. Depending on their playstyle, players have a lot of options to choose from. Players with an aggressive playstyle can go for duelists, while those with a more passive playstyle can select from controllers and sentinels.

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5 Best Valorant Agents for attacking on Bind Map

Bind is quite a versatile map in Valorant, and many agents can be used effectively on this map. However, some agents are bound to enjoy a slight advantage on the map. Agents whose abilities are best suited to this map will be discussed in this article.

1. Reyna


Reyna is one of the best duelists for the Bind map. Reyna is picked most often by professional players in Valorant. She can basically cause a rampage if she’s in the right hands. She is well-suited for this map as there are plenty of tight spots on it to peek in and out of while using her ability after getting a kill. She can become a vicious agent when she plays her position well in a team composition.



Jett is one of the more refined agents with numerous abilities well-suited to this map in Valorant. The map has multiple vertical vantage points and Jett is the premier agent in exploiting these positions to gain the upper hand on the enemy. Her abilities can be used to rush to the site and make way for her teammates with her smoke. She can very easily catch opponents off guard, which looks amazing when pulled off correctly.



Raze is one of the best duelists for hyper-aggressive plays in Valorant. Raze, a Brazilian duelist, is known for the firepower that she brings to a fight. She can utilize her blast packs to push ahead and above enemies to attack them. Her Boom Bot can also clear the angles or serve as a distraction, especially when sent through the portal.



Omen is one of the most fun agents to play on this map in Valorant. Omen is one of the most overpowered agents on the map due to his abilities, which include global smokes and blind. His ultimate can be used to plant the spike on a different site after faking entry through the portal onto a site. He’s one of the most tactically equipped and fun to play agents on this map.



One of the most underrated agents in Valorant is the American agent Brimstone. Brimstone has a significantly higher pick-rate on Bind owing to his post-plant utilities, which include Molotov and his ultimate. To maximize his effectiveness, his smokes can be used to close off sites and his stim beacon can be placed effectively in order to gain entry or defend a site.

5 Best Valorant Agents for defending on Bind Map



Viper is the top agent for the Controller role on Bind in Valorant. Viper’s poison walls can cut off an entire spike site into two. The poison wall can enable defenders to position themselves effectively in order to retake a site. Viper’s post-plant utility, which includes her ultimate, is quite overpowered on Bind and can help her win rounds with ease. Viper has the highest win rate out of all the agents on this map.

2. Astra


Astra has the second-highest win percentage on the Bind map right after Viper in Valorant. Players can now employ Gravity to draw players out of hiding spots. Bind turns Astra into a different beast altogether. Her abilities can help teams retake any site in a quick manner. Astra has the ability to control the entire map from a static location, and this makes her one of the best Controllers on this map.



Sage was one of the earliest sentinels introduced in Valorant. She can utilize her slow orbs to slow down enemies trying to enter the sites. Her wall can be used in multiple ways to attack and defend a site. It can also be used to block access to the sites. Her Healing Orb is an extremely useful ability that can be used to heal herself and her fellow teammates. The ability to revive an eliminated teammate can also turn the tide of battle, especially in a clutch situation.

4. Breach


Breach is one of the best agents to defend on Bind. He is pretty effective when holding the B site as it has quite a lot of corners and tight entry points from where Breach can catch opponents off guard with his kit. Breach can also stall the attackers with his ultimate when they try to get entry into a site. This can give teammates enough time to rotate from the other site. Similarly, Breach can use his ultimate to retake a site in a post-plant scenario.



Bind is one of those maps where Killjoy can outshine other sentinels. While sentinels aren't usually great at pushing sites, holding down and gaining information about sites with Killjoy is pretty easy. Killjoy can control the map with her kit and her turret can be placed to gain information and damage enemies in sight.

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