5 best Valorant Agents to duo with Sage

Five picks to duo with Sage in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Five picks to duo with Sage in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games' most successful First Person Shooter (FPS) title, Valorant, comes with many Agents to select and play with, including the talismanic stalwart Sage. Since the game's inception through the closed betas and its first-ever 'Episode,' veteran players will recognize this Agent as a core pick in any good team composition.

The real name of our marquee Sentinel, Sage, is Ling Ying Wei. She hails from China and is a senior Valorant Radiant agent recruitment officer. Her kit comprises two heal-related skills and two abilities that delay aggression from the opponent. With teamwork being a vital component of any match, Sage is a top pivot around which a team can operate. A good duo utilizing Sage's unmatched Sentinel prowess can lead to effortless victories.

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Gekko and four other Valorant Agents perfect for pairing with Sage


With a balanced kit that can block off retake entries into sites or hold off choke points, Sage is a very adaptable pick for any team composition. In every Valorant team that includes her, she is considered the very foundation of the team and the one that players must fall back on to regroup.

Here are the top five Agents to partner with Valorant's first Sentinel, Sage.

1) Jett


Simply put, Jett and Sage work together very expertly. With abilities that wholly complement Jett's aggression, our humble Sentinel can be pretty functional in situations that involve this duo. There is also the added benefit of a Jett falling back and receiving heals from the Sage.

Regardless of which Valorant map the game is being played on, Sage's Slow Orbs can significantly reduce enemy mobility, allowing Jett to take advantage of her dashes and updrafts. This allows her to catch those stuck in the Orb's Area Of Effect (AoE) by sheer surprise. Sage can also bring up Barrier Walls, dramatically increasing Jett's updrafts' height. This will help her reach advantageous positions, which would not have been possible without Sage's wall.

2) Raze


Another Sage plus dualist combo, this one is more utility based and makes clearing sites and choke points one of its greatest strengths. This Valorant duo works well on both the Defender and Attacker sides. Sage's ability to slow enemies down and Raze's ability to displace them can work perfectly in harmony.

Attacking in a coordinated fashion where Raze's grenades and Sage's Slow Orbs can be used in tandem is monumental in clearing out corners and securing utility-based kills. Using Sage's Barrier Wall to help Raze with forward momentum during Satchel-jumping is also an unmatched technique. This substantially helps Raze players who like to play explosively using shotguns or her ultimate, Showstopper.

3) Gekko


Valorant's newest Initiator, Gekko, is a great pick to play alongside Sage. With this fresh Agent's abilities, and Sage's unyielding capacity to provide cover for her teammates, this duo works exceptionally well. This duo, like Raze, can work on both sides of the competitive spectrum - Defenders and Attackers.

Playing Sage's kit in sync with Gekko's will be indomitable. Valorant's latest Agent has abilities that can defuse and plant the spike - which means that pairing these with Sage's protective abilities can change the tide in a team fight. Her Slow Orbs and Gekko's Dizzy ability will also daze and distract enemies while hindering their movement significantly. Placing these Orbs with Gekko's ultimate will also ensure detainment if used correctly.

4) Killjoy


A dual Sentinel setup might seem a bit awkward at first. But with Killjoy's high Damage Output across her kit, Sage's abilities are the perfect complement to stop a quick ambush into sites. This duo composition will also take pressure off of teams on the Defender side on two sited maps if each Sentinel decides to hold one site.

If these two Valorant Agents combine, they would most definitely be able to fortify a site fiercely. Using Killjoy's Nanoswarm on enemies affected by Sage's signature Slow Orbs may prove fatal during a push. A well-placed Turret behind Sage's Barrier will also be a thorn in the enemy's side. A Killjoy revive during a post-plant situation will also come in clutch, mainly due to the added utility Killjoy will bring back to engage the opposing team.

5) Brimstone


Valorant's de facto leader, and one of its oldest Controllers, Brimstone, is a solid pair for Sage, mainly due to how well their kits gel together. Holding a site as this duo will make it significantly harder for your opponent to rush in. Although, these agents depend on the unity of communication and timing.

Your foes will be effortlessly slowed down by stacking Brimstone's Sky Smokes and Sage's Slow Orbs, forcing them to wade through each ability with substantially reduced visibility. Using these Orbs coordinatively with Brimstone's Orbital Strike Ultimate or his Incendiary grenade will make it incredibly problematic for the opposition to move out of their AoE. Blocking off defusing players using Sage's Barrier and forcing them to take damage using his Incendiary is also an ideal post-plant play for Attackers.


These are five elite Valorant Agent picks for partnering up with Sage. However, with the versatility and usefulness of Sage's abilities, she is a good fit for almost every team composition. The most important part of her kit is her Healing Orb, which makes her a viable option in any Agent roster.

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