5 best Valorant pros who played Fade at VCT 2022

The best Fade players at VCT 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The best Fade players at VCT 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fade is the most recent Initiator to be added to Valorant. The first cinematic for the Agent was shown back during Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1: Masters Reykjavik 2022, and it was amazing.

Fade has shown a lot of potential, and ever since her release, she has been utilized to the fullest. Her abilities can be used to get information, clear out corners or tricky areas of a map, and even stall the enemy's entry into a site.

She was also utilized a lot in the pro scene. Her overall pick-rate in Valorant Champions 2022, Istanbul was 53%. We also saw a lot of players make some incredible plays with Fade. Here is a list of five Valorant professionals who played with the Agent in VCT 2022.

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stax, Sacy, and more Fade players who made fans go wild during Valorant Champions Tour 2022

1) stax


Kim 'stax' Gu-taek is a South Korean esports player who plays for the team DRX. He mostly fulfills the role of an Initiator in the team but has also played as Sentinel or Sage when needed. stax has a pick-rate of almost 17% on Fade in the last six months.

DRX (previously known as Vision Strikers) made a name for themselves in the Korean region ever since the beginning of Valorant. However, they would falter in their international matches, and it wasn't until Valorant Champions 2022, Istanbul when they finally found their footing.

DRX showed the world that Korea was a region to be feared. stax had an incredible showing in this tournament. He was cracked in his aim and got some crucial clutches for his team. His most iconic moment was during their match against FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) where he got three kills in a 2v4 retake situation. He later proceeded to kiss his mouse while looking out intensely at the audience.

2) Sacy


Gustavo 'Sacy' Rossi is a Brazilian esports player who currently plays for Sentinels. He mostly fulfills the role of an Initiator in the team. Sacy's pick rate on Fade was 52.9% in the past six months.

Sacy had his international debut in Valorant's first international LAN event, VCT Stage 2: Masters Reykjavik 2021 with Team Vikings, but it wasn't until he joined LOUD that we got to see him at his best. Sacy, along with LOUD, was quickly able to dominate their region. They were also able to translate these same results during their international journey.

LOUD finally got their revenge on OpTic Gaming by defeating them 3-1 to win Valorant Champions 2022, Istanbul, and became World Champions. Sacy was able to keep a level head in the most tense situations and clutched rounds with his insane aim. His 1v3 clutch against OpTic in the Grand Finals of Valorant Champions 2022, Istanbul was a sight to see. The bald buff was truly real.

3) crashies


Austin 'crashies' Roberts is an American esports player who currently plays for NRG Esports, and mostly fills in the role of an Initiator for his team. crashies' pick-rate on Fade was 21.7% in the past six months.

NRG, with crashies, was one of the most consistent teams in North America. They were able to maintain that level of consistency in their international events as well. OpTic made it to at least the top three in all of VCT 2022.

crashies was great with his aim and was really good with his utility usage. He was an important part of OpTic's win in VCT Stage 1: Masters Reykjavik in 2022. His best moment, however, was when he killed all five enemies from BOOM Esports on the rope in Fracture, making it one of the most hilarious aces to have ever happened in VCT history.

4) Enzo


Enzo 'Enzo' Mestari is a French esports player who currently plays for Fnatic. He has mostly fulfilled the role of an Initiator but has played as the Controller Viper when his team needed him to. Enzo's Fade pick-rate is 46.7% in the past six months.

Enzo was brought into Fnatic alongside Turkish player, Alfajer. The deadly duo quickly became rising superstars and were feared in the EMEA region. Enzo had insane aim and would put up numbers on the scoreboard. Despite Fnatic's unfortunate loss in international events, he was able to bring that same amount of caliber in the LAN matches.

5) BcJ


Brenden 'BcJ' Jensen is an American esports player who plays for the team XSET. He usually plays as an Initiator, but also dabbles as the Controller Omen for the team when the need arises. BcJ has a pick-rate of 46.2% on Fade.

XSET was always one of the top teams in NA. However they would always fall short in qualifying for international events. That changed when they qualified for Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2: Masters Copenhagen and even made it to Valorant Champions 2022, Istanbul.

BcJ might not have had the most kills on the scoreboard, but he had great utility usage and was consistent throughout the tournament.

Fade has quickly overshadowed her other Initiator friends, and some even consider her to be an overpowered Agent. Developers have hinted that she will be hit with a few nerfs in the near future.

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