5 most broken abilities in Valorant

A sneak peek at some of the deadliest abilities in Valorant (image via Riot Games)
A sneak peek at some of the deadliest abilities in Valorant (image via Riot Games)

Valorant has a plethora of Agents to offer, each with their own unique abilities. These can be used in various situations to accomplish different tasks that will give you an edge in the middle of the battlefield. This game is not only about shooting and eliminating your opponents but also employing diverse mechanics, setting it apart from other FPS titles.

With constant meta-changes and game-balancing updates from Riot Games, there is never a fixed tier list of abilities that will always remain relevant in Valorant. Despite that, some Agents find themselves perched at the top of the meta more often than not.

You must remember that any ability can be devastating, depending on how the player uses it. Regardless, there are a few abilities that Riot should reevaluate in the next patch.

Disclaimer: This listicle is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Viper's Pit and other overpowered abilities that make Valorant unplayable

Whenever an ability breaks the game's equilibrium and will ensure you'll win the round, it is broken. Like any other game, Valorant also consists of several signature abilities that can be termed broken.

1) Viper’s Pit

Viper's Pit (image via Valorant)
Viper's Pit (image via Valorant)

Viper has always been one of the best controller Agents to have on the team. She can block off the enemy line of sight with her multiple abilities, for which her ultimate is the most deadly. Viper’s Pit became one of Valorant’s most broken abilities following an update in patch 1.04

For this ability, Viper is equipped with a chemical sprayer that emits a chemical cloud surrounding her indefinitely. It nearsights enemy players and also decays their health when they’re inside it. The only way to stop it is to kill Viper inside the Pit. If she exits, it takes 8 seconds for the cloud to disappear fully.

2) Gekko’s Wingman

Gekko's Wingman (image via Valorant)
Gekko's Wingman (image via Valorant)

Gekko is the latest addition to the roster, and with this evershifting meta, he is currently considered a broken Agent. His Wingman ability is Riot’s most inventive addition to the game. While you can use it in many different ways, it can be devastating under certain circumstances.

For starters, the most commonly used ability is to use the Wingman to plant the spike, leaving Gekko free to take down his enemies. Similarly, it can defuse the spikes and stun the enemy if it hits them. This ability is useful for new and solo queue players, who won’t have to rely on random players to plant the spike.

3) Cypher’s Neural Theft

Cypher's Neural Theft (Image via Riot Games and YouTube/Splice)
Cypher's Neural Theft (Image via Riot Games and YouTube/Splice)

This Moroccan information breaker is one of the best sentinel Agents in the Valorant roster. Cypher is a one-man monitoring network that keeps notes of the opponent’s every move. Even though he is the least-picked Agent in the game, his ultimate neural theft is a game-changer ability in intense moments.

When it is activated, it reveals the locations of all opposing players. His initial disclosure occurs after 2 seconds, followed by the second reveal after a span of 4 seconds.

This ability provides your team an unfair advantage by exposing the precise planning and execution of the rival team. This will help your team to adapt to the enemy's strategies and counter them.

4) Yoru’s Dimensional Drift

Yoru's Dimensional Drift (image via Riot Games)
Yoru's Dimensional Drift (image via Riot Games)

Yoru can pierce straight through the enemy lines without being noticed. He is one of the best duelists to play in the game. His ultimate Dimensional drift is a game-breaking ability that can annoy the enemy team.

In his ultimate form, he equips a mask that allows him to switch dimensions. While in this alternate dimension, Yoru becomes invisible to all enemies and can easily gather information.

This ultimate ability provides your team with all the information about the whereabouts of your enemy. This can help your team better strategize for the round you are playing.

Whether offensive or defensive, Yoru's Dimensional Drift is extremely valuable. After the rework, Yoru can use his other abilities in between his ultimate form, which makes him versatile in case of taking the site on his own.

5) Killjoy’s Lockdown

Killjoy's Lockdown (image via Riot Games)
Killjoy's Lockdown (image via Riot Games)

The genius of Germany, Killjoy was the fourth Agent to join the Valorant Protocol. After Chamber was heavily nerfed in Valorant patch 5.12, Killjoy has been considered one of the best.

Her ultimate ability, Lockdown, is a source of frustration because it can shut down a particular area of the map. The Lockdown device, upon deployment, can detain enemies caught in its radius.

The ability usually comes into play when your team wants to capture a site and plant in offense or after-plant scenarios when you want to chase off all the opponents. This ultimate also comes in handy in case of retaking a site in defense.

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