5 great Exclusive Valorant skin collections in Episode 5

Five most Exclusive weapon sets in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Exclusive weapon sets in Valorant are highly sought-after (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant has one of the best skin collections in any first-person competitive shooter. The uniquely detailed weapon skins are highly sought-after, and Exclusive weapons are among the most popular Valorant skin lines.


Exclusive weapon skins are superior to regular Deluxe or Premium collections. These weapons include beautiful animations, VFX, and sound effects for players to unlock using Radianite Points. Exclusive skin lines also usually follow a particular theme.

When adding an Exclusive tier skin collection to their inventory, players can expect top-notch detailing and a plethora of variants to choose from. An Exclusive tier weapon usually features three to four different variants for players to choose from.

What are the five highly sought-after Exclusive Valorant skin collections?

Riot Games has ensured that their tactical shooter gets some of the best cosmetics. However, Valorant very rarely features Exclusive edition skins in their store. This listicle will mention five Exclusive Valorant skin lines players should look out for.

5) Singularity


Singularity is a space-themed sci-fi collection. Upon firing the weapon, players will notice a small black hole from the muzzle flashes. When the weapons are equipped, there are multiple strings attached to the edges that hold the textures together. The finisher is also a hauntingly beautiful black hole that is ready to pull reality towards it.

The Singularity collection is available for the following weapons:

  • Sheriff (2175 VP)
  • Spectre (2175 VP)
  • Phantom (2175 VP)
  • Ares (2175 VP)
  • Melee (Knife) (4350 VP)

4) BlastX


The BlastX skin line features a toy theme for the weapons. Players can easily see how each weapon in the collection has been inspired by Nerf guns. BlastX features a gift wrap VFX that is torn once the weapon is equipped. The melee also features a paper knife animation upon being unsheathed.

BlastX is easily one of the most unique Exclusive weapon skin sets in Valorant. It is available for the following weapons:

  • Frenzy (2175 VP)
  • Spectre (2175 VP)
  • Phantom (2175 VP)
  • Odin (2175 VP)
  • Melee (Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife) (4350 VP)

3) Spectrum


The Spectrum collection is a collaboration project with popular music artist Zedd. The musician talked about his love for Valorant and mentioned that he wanted to give the game something in return. As a result, Riot Games took his ideas and turned them into the Spectrum collection that aims to turn players into "performers."

Although sound effects steal the spotlight for Spectrum skins, the detailed design of the weapons also warrants some praise. The collection is one of the most sought-after Exclusive bundles in Valorant.

The Spectrum bundle features the following weapons:

  • Classic (2675 VP)
  • Bulldog (2675 VP)
  • Guardian (2675 VP)
  • Phantom (2675 VP)
  • Melee (Waveform) (5350 VP)

2) Sentinels of Light


The Sentinels of Light Exclusive collection was directly inspired by the League of Legends' Rise of Sentinels event. The skins feature a gorgeous equip animation and VFX that can be accessed by upgrading the skin levels with Radianite Points.

The Exclusive bundle was one of the first League of Legends-inspired items that made their way to Riot's tactical shooter. The playerbase praised the collection for its incredible attention to detail.

The bundle includes the following weapons:

  • Sheriff (2175 VP)
  • Vandal (2175 VP)
  • Operator (2175 VP)
  • Ares (2175 VP)
  • Melee (Relic of the Sentinel) (4350 VP)

1) Ruination


The Ruination collection was another League of Legends-based bundle introduced in Valorant. The skin line takes inspiration from an event in the MOBA's lore that featured the Ruined King. The melee weapon from the bundle is known as the Broken Blade of the Ruined King and is based on League of Legends' Ruin King.

Upon release, the bundle was immediately appreciated by the community for its animations and VFX. It is one of the most beloved Exclusive collections to date. The Ruination bundle features the following weapons:

  • Ghost (2175 VP)
  • Spectre (2175 VP)
  • Guardian (2175 VP)
  • Phantom (2175 VP)
  • Melee (Broken Blade of the Ruined King) (4350 VP)

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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