7 Valorant Agents who may be inspired by Overwatch Heroes

Some Agents in Valorant may have taken inspiration from Overwatch Heroes (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some Agents in Valorant may have taken inspiration from Overwatch Heroes (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games released Valorant as a hero-shooter that took some of the best aspects from already established competitive FPS games. With the release of this unique hero-based 5v5 tactical shooter, players quickly noticed many similarities between these Agents and Overwatch characters.

Overwatch has been one of the most successful competitive games in the history of both esports and the streaming industry. It was one of the first intellectual properties to reinvent the hero-shooter genre after games like Team Fortress.


The developers at Riot did not hesitate while looking for inspiration from Overwatch's unique Heroes.

After Riot released Valorant, the title quickly found success with players. It shared multiple similarities with Blizzard's game and most served an enormous role in the game's competitive field.

These Valorant Agents share similarities with few Overwatch Heroes

Valorant's unique Agents are designed to give users a set of playstyles different from all the other playable characters on the roster. Each provides a unique experience to gamers, which is handcrafted by the developers.


That said, these Agents possess many abilities that may have taken some direct inspiration from the other legendary hero-based competitive FPS, Overwatch.

Here are seven Agents from Riot's shooter who are unsurprisingly comparable to certain Overwatch Heroes:

1) KAY/O


KAY/O possesses a kit that shares many aspects of Sombra's Hack ability from Overwatch. The latter can hold onto her Hack button to stop her enemies from using abilities in-game.

KAY/O's ZERO/POINT knife and his Ultimate, the NULL/CMD, mirror this ability as he can also stop other Agents in Valorant from using any special skills.

2) Sova


The hunter from Riot's roster is a solid mirror image of Hanzo from Overwatch. The latter uses a bow and arrow as his primary weapon, which can also fire Sonic Darts, which reveals the enemy.

Sova's Recon Bolts share a similar trait, and most of his abilities also revolve around his primary bow kit. Sova can use Recon Bolts to detect enemies who fall under the dart's radius.

3) Reyna


Reyna has a lot in common with two popular Overwatch Heroes. Her invisibility and Orbs bear some resemblance to Sombra and Moira, respectively.

Reyna can use her Orbs to heal herself after a kill, similar to Moira's Biotic Orbs, which she can use to heal her allies or damage nearby enemies. Also, Reyna is the only Valorant Agent who can be completely invisible, similar to Sombra's stealth.

4) Omen


One of Omen's most used abilities is named the Shrouded Step. It is a mirror image of Reaper's Shadow Step from Overwatch.

This ability is entirely the same in both games. It helps players teleport a short distance after aiming for a particular spot. Apart from the skill, Omen's character design shares a resemblance to Reaper.

5) Killjoy


While Killjoy's other abilities are unique, her Sentry Turret hints that it may have taken some inspiration from an elderly Hero from the Overwatch roster.

Torbjörn is a Damage Hero from Overwatch who can deploy a self-building Turret similar to Killjoy. The Turret also shoots enemies in sight, which is also a common trait for both of these sentry guns.

6) Raze


The Blast Pack utility from Raze's kit allows her to jump higher. This ability looks eerily similar to Junkrat's Concussion Mine from Overwatch.

Both these abilities allow users to knock back opponents, while these pieces of utilities can also be used to make long jumps in their respective games. The Blast Pack and Concussion Mine can also be detonated on enemies to deal damage.

7) Sage


Sage takes multiple inspirations from Overwatch heroes. On day one, her Barrier Orb wall was recognized as Mei's Ice Wall, while her Resurrection also mirrors Mercy's Resurrect.

Mixing both these elements from the two famous Heroes from Overwatch, Sage has become an unstoppable force in Valorant. Her walls are one of the most used utilities in-game, and she is picked often because of her ability to revive teammates.

While there are other similarities between lots of Agents and Heroes, these are some of the most highlighted parallels gamers can find in Valorant right off the bat. These inspirations have served the game well, making it to the list of one of the most played competitive shooters of all time.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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