"They were beyond my expectations": Gen.G's Karon after their match against Fnatic in VCT Masters Shanghai (Exclusive)

Karon at VCT Masters Shanghai (Image via Riot Games)
Karon at VCT Masters Shanghai (Image via Riot Games)

VCT Masters Shanghai has kicked off with its Playoffs stage. The top teams from Stage 1 will now be facing off against the ones that conquered the Swiss stage. The Playoffs will follow a traditional double-elimination format to determine the winner of this event.

Day 6 had two matches scheduled which included the one between EMEA's Fnatic and Pacific's Gen.G. Both teams were equally matched as they were able to win on each other's map picks. However, ultimately it was Gen.G that crossed the finish line on the decider map, Breeze and closed the series by a 2-1 win.

At the post-match conference, Sportskeeda Esports' Sneh Jadhav talked to Gen.G's Karon during which he said:

"They were beyond my expectations."

Gen.G's Karon talks about his experience after finally getting to face off against Fnatic in VCT Masters Shanghai

Gen.G is easily among the favorites coming into VCT Masters Shanghai. Their Swiss stage run had a few ups and downs but the team managed to make it to the Playoffs without losing a single series.

In the Playoffs, the teams who are the number one seed got the opportunity to choose a team from the Swiss stage as their opponents. In light of this new system, Gen.G's Karon had expressed his desire by asking Fnatic to choose their team for the Playoffs.

Luckily, Karon got his wish as Fnatic didn't get a chance to pick and were only left with Gen.G as their opponent. Sportskeeda Esports asked him if the matchup against Fnatic lived up to his expectations. Here's what he said:

"Well, they were beyond my expectations. We scrimmed them in Madrid when we were there. But having played them in an international tournament on stage, they were really good. It was honestly beyond my expectations."

With this win, Gen.G will now move ahead in the Upper Brackets of the Playoffs. Their next opponent will be 100 Thieves where both teams will be playing for a spot in the Upper Finals of VCT Masters Shanghai.

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