Top 7 Valorant streamers to follow in 2022

The best Valorant streamers in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The best Valorant streamers in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant has been a popular shooter ever since its release in 2020. Its popularity has resulted in many content creators and streamers shifting their interest to Riot's 5v5 tactical title.

Amongst so many streamers, there are a number of special content creators who make the playthroughs more enjoyable with their intense gameplay and witty remarks. This listicle will list the best streamers who currently play Riot's tactical shooter.

Who are the 7 best Valorant streamers in 2022?

Here is the list of seven best Valorant streamers that players can follow in 2022:

1) ShahZam


ShahZam has made his name as one of the best IGLs in Valorant's history. After switching to Riot's tactical shooter from CS:GO, he quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most inspiring players on the scene.

His streams are very educational for someone trying to learn about Agents like Sova. He is famous for making some of the best plays with the Initiator.

Team: Sentinels

Average views: 7,575

Twitch Followers: 1.56M

2) aceu


aceu is has a large fanbase due to his playthroughs of Apex Legends, but he has carved out a niche for himself in Valorant. He instantly picked up the game and became a god-tier player in no time. He streams Apex Legends and Valorant from time to time.

His streams are great if anybody is looking to learn about Agents like Jett. aceu is known for his aggressive plays and unmatched mechanical skills.

Team: NRG

Average views: 11,239

Twitch Followers: 2.72M

3) Mixwell


Mixwell has a huge following due to his kind personality and exceptional gaming skills. His streams are a great place to hang out, as he often interacts with the chat while playing Valorant.

He used to be a professional player of CS:GO and CS:Source before he shifted to Riot's shooter. Since his professional background was already established, his following only increased with his induction into Valorant.

Team: G2

Average views: 12,912

Twitch Followers: 840K

4) Kyedae


Kyedae has come a long way in her streaming journey. Starting off as a silver-ranked rookie, she gradually improved her gameplay, eventually reaching diamond. Her growth in the game has been steady and stable.

Her content is focused towards interacting with her chat, which keeps the viewers occupied and entertained throughout the stream. She is currently signed by 100 Thieves and is creating content on their behalf.

Team: 100 Thieves

Average views: 13,849

Twitch Followers: 1.8M

5) TenZ


The star player of Sentinels is an ex-Counter Strike professional who popped off in Valorant after shifting games. TenZ's mechanical skills are off the charts and he is an exceptional Operator player.

His streams are a delight to watch, and he sometimes plays games with his girlfriend, Kyedae, as well. He is an inspiration to many Valorant players, who aspire to become like him.

Team: Sentinels

Average views: 23,935

Twitch Followers: 2.9M

6) Shroud


Shroud has a huge fan following due to his popularity in the gaming industry. After leaving the CS: GO professional scene, he decided to pursue his streaming career. One day, in a shock announcement, he disclosed that he had joined Sentinels.

Shroud is popular for streaming a variety of games, and he gained a massive following after he started streaming PUBG back in 2017. Ever since joining Sentinels, his streams have become even more fun to watch.

Team: Sentinels

Average views: 33,801

Twitch Followers: 10.3M

7) tarik


tarik is an ex-Counter Strike professional who played for Evil Geniuses. He is currently focusing on his streaming career where he mostly streams Valorant. His in-depth analyzing abilities are praised and viewers often enjoy watching his streams during tournaments.

tarik surprisingly has more views than any of VCT's official channels. His streams are highly educational and enjoyable, which makes watching him a fun experience every time.

Team: N/A

Average views: 42,721

Twitch Followers: 2.1M

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