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10 Big Superstars who never held any Championship in WWE

David Cullen
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Missed opportunities
Missed opportunities

When you think of the all-time greatest Superstars in WWE history, they have all held, if not the WWE Championship, then at least the Intercontinental or Tag Team Championship.

However, there is quite a surprising list of some of the best wrestlers in the history of the business who have not only never held the WWE Championship but have never held any Championship at all in WWE. No Intercontinental Championship, United States, European, or even Tag Team Championship.

When you take into account that even one of The Godfather's Ho's held the WWE Hardcore Championship, it really is surprising to think of how some of these never held anything, especially when some of them are among the greatest of all-time. With that, here are the 10 pretty big wrestlers who never held any Championship title in WWE.

#10 Super Crazy

Now that
Now that's loco

Lucha Libre legend Super Crazy has held more than a dozen Championships across the world and, pound for pound, one of the best wrestlers in the world at the turn of the century.

After years of many fans hoping, Super Crazy was finally picked up by WWE in 2005 after he impressed WWE officials with his performance at the ECW One Night Stand. Around the same time, WWE would also pick up Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis, and they were put together as a trio, The Mexicools. They would make their entrance dressed in jumpsuits, eerily similar to cliche Mexican school janitors, and drove to the ring on lawnmowers. So just teetering on that line of heavily stereotyping to borderline racist.

For a while, it seemed like The Mexicools could become serious players for the WWE Tag Team Championship on SmackDown, especially when SmackDown was light on tag teams at the time and only really had The Mexicools, MNM, and one or two others, but it wasn't meant to be. The team were broken up in the early summer of 2006.

The break up at least gave some hope that Crazy could become a big contender for Gregory Helms' Cruiserweight Championship, as he even unsuccessfully challenged him for it in a good match at Judgement Day 2006. Crazy would go down with an injury shortly after and make his return as a member of the RAW brand, before receiving his requested release in 2008 due to how he was being treated on television.

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