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10 current WWE Superstars and their hobbies when not wrestling

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If there is anything to go by all the shows WWE puts up throughout one single week- be it the house shows, live television shows,pre-taped television shows- or the interviews that so many wrestlers give, there isn’t much time these performers have for themselves. They are always on the road. So, getting some free time is a luxury in itself. It is interesting, though, to know if these superstars do have time for a hobby despite wrestling, sometimes more than 300 days a year. Despite the strenuous schedule, they do indulge themselves in their hobbies. 

Here are 10 current WWE Superstars and their hobbies when not wrestling:

Finn Balor  (Painting/Comic books/Anime)

Finn-Balor-4-620x350.jpg (620×350)

When it comes to comic books and wrestling, nobody has imbibed as much influence and been successful as much as Finn Balor. The man is known for the paint he adorns on his face and body. When Fergal Devitt signed with the WWE, one of the premier questions twirling around was when will we get to see him put on the paint.

Finn Balor did not disappoint and at Takeover R Evolution he made one of the best entrances in the realm of WWE, ever. 

He’s previously dressed himself as The Joker, the picture of which he put up on his twitter to let the fans compare between him and Jared Leto’s new look as the iconic villain.

Sami Zayn  (Hockey/Punk Rock fan)

zayn.jpg (640×360)


The underdog from the underground made a spectacular debut on Raw. Sami Zayn, formerly known as El Generico, has travelled the world and became a known name in the global circuit. His ‘Ole Ole Ole’ chants made their way into the main roster way before he even made an appearance on Raw, during the match between Sheamus and Orton just after Wrestlemania.

Sami Zayn,like most Canadians, is a huge hockey fan. In fact he and Adrian Neville sometimes visit the roller hockey rink near the WWE performance centre. 

He supports the Montreal Canadiens.

Apart from hockey he is also a punk rock fan and likes to go to concerts as a de-stressing exercise.

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