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10 Wrestlers who would make a better final opponent for Kurt Angle instead of Baron Corbin

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:11 IST

People are scratching their heads over the choice of Baron Corbin as Kurt Angle
People are scratching their heads over the choice of Baron Corbin as Kurt Angle's final opponent.

Way back in the last century -- 1998 to be exact -- Kurt Angle made his debut in the WWE during the height of the Attitude Era.

Kurt Angle had become a bonafide American hero after winning the Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling after suffering -- in his own words -- 'a broken freaking neck'. Never before in the history of professional wrestling had an Olympic Gold medalist competed in a sports entertainment environment, a fact which Angle reminded the fans of, repeatedly.

In his initial incarnation, Angle's matches were made to be deliberately boring, as he used a variety of amateur takedowns instead of the smash mouth style popularized by athletes such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. However, over time his style evolved to become both brutal and technical, and he added graceful high flying moves like the moonsault to his repertoire. Angle can float through the air during a moonsault as easily as a water bug skims over the surface of a pond.

Angle would go on to capture virtually every title the company had to offer, including their 'big belt', the WWE World championship. He left the company for several years and competed primarily for TNA/Impact, but he did return to the WWE where he has been a part time wrestler and full time on screen talent.

However, all good things must come to an end, and Kurt is scheduled to wrestle his last match ever at Wrestlemania 35. That's why so many fans and critics are confused as to why WWE would choose Baron Corbin as the final foe when the roster is so stacked with talent.

Don't get us wrong; Corbin is a skilled wrestler, but he has been primarily used in non wrestling roles, and to be honest, is no where near Kurt Angle's level at this stage of his career, if he ever will be.

Here are ten wrestlers under contract with WWE who would be better choices for Kurt Angle's final opponent. The list does include wrestlers who already have matches scheduled at Wrestlemania 35, but plans could be adjusted to make room for the last ever time Angle will lace up the boots.

#1 Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has been in the wrestling business for a very long time, making his debut almost twenty years ago. He has been a Ring of Honor world champion, a TNA World champion and X division champion, and has held the NXT championship as well as being the current United States champion.


Much like Angle, Joe mixes in a lot of real-life grappling moves and striking into his repertoire. The two men have already had a fantastic match against each other when they were both under contract to TNA, which many believe actually influenced the direction that wrestling has taken in recent years.

A match between the two men is bound to be both exciting and emotional, as they have a storied rivalry even if it did not take place in the WWE. Also, Joe is an international star of at least close status to Angle himself.

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Published 20 Mar 2019, 13:00 IST
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