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15 of the Greatest and best wrestlers in WWE history

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These superstars were born to become 'The Greatest'

WWE, if you're a professional wrestler, this is where you want to be, this is what you dreamt all of your life. This is the highest peak. And over its long venture and fierce history, the company has seen some of the greatest and best wrestlers, athletes, entertainers of all time whoever step between those ropes and BRING IT to the fans present in the arena or watching it live around the globe.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock – two of the biggest names in WWE history 2001, after years of competition with rival promotions like WCW, ECW, and more, WWE finally became the King of pro-wrestling (or sports and entertainment, as they like to call it) in North America.

Also, its two of the biggest rival promotions, WCW and ECW, both folded, as they were unable to face the superstars that Vince had on his roster. Though that was a major turning point in the history of the WWE and pro-wrestling, it wasn’t the first time the landscape of wrestling industry changed in a major way.

Vince McMahon has been called a lot of things during his time in the wrestling business, and one of those words is ‘revolutionary’.Vince saw his promotion as something more than just another regional promotion keeping to the old order held by ageing promoters.

He had a vision that his wrestlers could be true superstars that no one has never seen before, he transcended the realm-of-wrestling and into popular culture. Over the decades, Mr McMahon enjoyed considerable success in his venture. Several of the top-stars who have worked in Vince McMahon's promotion have become household names and have been immortalized long after their wrestling-careers ended. 

In this list, We’re looking at those superstars who made the biggest impact of their career and enjoyed the most success while working for WWE, even if they also found success elsewhere. We’re also looking at a combination of factors to determine who qualifies for this list, with drawing power and their legacies being the two most important factors.

Honourable Mentions:

Bruno Sammartino


Rey Mysterio


Ricky Steamboat

Rody Piper


The Ultimate Warrior

Randy Savage

Kurt Angle

Eddie Guerro


Mick Foley


Mark Henry

Brock Lesnar

Trish Stratus

Here’s my pick of the 15 most charismatic and influential figures in the history of WWE.

#15 C.M Punk
He is the greatest WWE Champion of not only the new-era, of ALL TIME

CM Punk, one of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE. He was as good on the mic as he was in the ring. Winning multiple World Championships, Punk had skills to back up his words and the ambition to inspire a change in the WWE.

It wasn’t until June 27, 2011, an edition of Raw, where he the superstar truly exploded. That night, Punk didn't spare anyone, rant against the WWE management and the WWE Universe which spawned the catch-phrase “Pipe bomb."

He has held ECW championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Tag team Championship-(with Kofi Kingston), Intercontinental Championship, WWE Championship and Nineteenth Triple-crown Champion.

His accolades hardly stop there. Also, he became first and, only Superstar to win Money in the Bank briefcase twice in-a-row respectively at, WrestleMania 24 and 25.

He is the greatest WWE Champion of not only the new-era, of ALL TIME. He has 434 days reign as WWE Champion that spanned from 2011 to 2013, more than John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels.

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