25-year-old star to become WWE's newest main eventer? 3 ways he can debut on RAW or SmackDown

A two-time NXT Champion could make his WWE main roster debut soon
A two-time NXT Champion could make his WWE main roster debut soon

One of the biggest takeaways from WWE NXT Battleground was from its main event. Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker put on a spectacle with many momentum shifts and close falls. In the end, Hayes retained the title 'without' any outside interference.

Hayes and Breakker have been at each other since the former dethroned the latter at Stand & Deliver on April 1. Given that the newly-turned-heel lost tonight, the feud must have ended. His current defeats are believed to eventually write him off NXT television so that he gets the push to the big leagues.

Bron Breakker is rumored to be included in the main roster on the road to SummerSlam 2023. Here are three ways the former NXT Champion can debut on RAW or SmackDown.

#3. A surprise entry at WWE Money in the Bank 2023

The upcoming Money in the Bank Premium Live Event will be the first under Triple H's creative hand. Fans are curious whether he will maintain the tradition of surprise entries or stick to the basics.

If he does seven-eight men competing for the briefcase, Bron Breakker could possibly make his debut in an emphatic manner instead of a main roster retrieving the briefcase.

Mr. Breakker in the Bank will undoubtedly be a favorite to shock a world champion with a rib-cracking Spear and follow it with a successful cash-in. Yet, LA Knight and Drew McIntyre also need a deserved main event push. WWE could generate a feud for the former NXT Champion via the star that costs Bron the MITB briefcase opportunity.

Both RAW and SmackDown competitors will take part in the Men's Ladder Match. So, it gives the creative a variety of options to pitch Bron Breakker in a particular brand after initiating a rivalry.

#2. Feud with the World Heavyweight Champion on RAW

Seth Rollins has just begun his reign with the World Heavyweight Championship. RAW is loaded with heels such as Finn Balor and the newly-inducted Indus Sher, so The Visionary is going to get much competition. However, when it comes to dropping the title, it would be best if he does so against a future megastar.

Rollins is one of the top babyfaces on the red brand. Thus, a long-term program with Bron Breakker will elevate the heel at the very beginning of his main roster run.

Breakker can take the title off the aspiring Hollywood star following his entry to the RAW scene after WWE SummerSlam 2023.

#1. Takes out Gunther with a Spear

Gunther has rarely lost a singles match in WWE. Ilja Dragunov is credited to be his nemesis, although Bron Breakker has also cleanly defeated the fellow heavyweight. Their NXT Championship match in April 2022 looked promising, but it didn't get much TV time and also didn't lead to a full-blown rivalry.

The Ring General would've liked another match with Breakker on a bigger stage. Given their history, WWE could use Bron as the next big thing for Gunther. The Intercontinental Champion's recent opponents haven't been considered a legitimate threat to his iconic reign.

If WWE plans to use Bron Breakker on RAW, there is a fair chance he locks horns with Gunther. He could be revealed as the latter's opponent after a potential title defense. This way, the company can also revert the Austrian to a babyface.

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