"I'm not good with f***ing machines" - 3 ordinary jobs you didn't know former WWE CEO Vince McMahon worked before wrestling

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon worked a few ordinary jobs before wrestling
Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon worked a few ordinary jobs before wrestling

Since he was the leader of WWE for several decades, many fans may not know that Vince McMahon worked a few regular jobs before entering the wrestling business.

In 1968, the former WWE CEO graduated from East Carolina University with a business degree. The 76-year-old then worked a few jobs to earn a living. He later convinced his father, Vince McMahon Sr., to let him work with him in the wrestling business.

In an interview with Playboy 21 years ago, the former Chairman opened up about his life before wrestling, disclosing the types of jobs he had before becoming the majority shareholder of WWE.

Here are three ordinary jobs you did not know Vince McMahon worked before wrestling.

#3. Vince McMahon sold adding machines

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon sold adding machines to support his family
Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon sold adding machines to support his family

While it took his wife, Linda McMahon, only three years to graduate from East Carolina University with a business degree, Vince McMahon remained a student for five. He then barely graduated with a grade point average of 2.001.

Following his graduation, Mr. McMahon had to find a job to support his family. Hence, he started selling adding machines.

During his interview with Playboy, the former WWE Chairman disclosed that he hated the job.

"I'm not good with f***ing machines. They have no personality," he said.

McMahon did not spend much time in his first job. Instead, he quickly ditched it for a new one.

#2. Vince McMahon sold cups and Sweetheart ice cream cones

After leaving his job as a salesman for adding machines, Vince McMahon started selling cups and Sweetheart ice cream cones for the Maryland Cup Corp. However, he soon discovered that his new job was not for him either.

In the same interview with Playboy, the 76-year-old disclosed why he decided to leave his second job.

He stated what his job was like and how he had to convince people about the cups.

"I went from there to a job selling cups and Sweetheart ice cream cones for the Maryland Cup Corp. in Owings Mills, right outside Baltimore. I would get up early and work a zillion hours, but it wasn't for me. I mean, they want you to talk about the characteristics of the f***ing cup. It's a paper cup with a plastic coating, and it has a certain lip-type thing. They cook it at such and such a temperature."

McMahon then went on to state how during one such sales pitch, a man's statement changed his perspective towards the job, and he decided to quit.

"One day there I am, selling this guy on the cup , and he looks at me and says, 'Son, you don't really give a damn about that cup.' I said, 'No, I don't, and thank you very much.' That was it for that job," McMahon explained.

After his departure, McMahon landed a new job that was nothing similar to his first two.

#1. The former WWE CEO drove a dump truck

Before entering the wrestling business, Vince McMahon was a dump truck driver at Rockville Crushed Stone. The 76-year-old claimed that he worked 90 hours weekly in his third job. The former WWE CEO later got promoted to pug mill operator.

During the interview with Playboy, McMahon gave a few details about his time at Rockville Crushed Stone.

"I drove a huge dump truck at Rockville Crushed Stone, and after a while I got promoted to the pug mill. Linda still teases me for it. A pug mill is where you combine different levels of rock with dirt, and I was made the pug mill operator," he explained.

While on his quest to find a suitable job, McMahon never stopped trying to convince his father, a well-known professional wrestling promoter at the time, to let him work with him in the wrestling business.

While the former WWE CEO worked at Rockville Crushed Stone, Vince McMahon Sr. finally gave him an opportunity.

"Now, that was big time. All this time I'd been pestering my dad to let me work with him: 'Come one, Pop. You know I love this stuff.' He had a promoter in Bangor, Maine who had been caught stealing. [...] So my dad tells me, 'Look, the guy in Bangor, I just threw him the hell out. Go up there. You can't ever say I didn't give you an opportunity, but this is the first and last opportunity you'll have in this company.'"

Vince McMahon went on to detail how he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and expanded his father's business.

"I went to Bangor, the northernmost outpost of my dad's territory. Now I'm hustling, promoting a product I love. People cheer and boo and have a good time, and I leave with some money in my pocket. Goddamn, life is good! Started making my way south, promoting areas that hadn't been promoted before. First thing you know, half my dad's business is in New England."

McMahon then worked several jobs at his father's promotion, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), before buying it from him in 1982. Over the next 40 years, he led the company, now known as WWE, to huge success.

Nevertheless, he retired from his position as CEO and Chairman a few weeks ago amid allegations of paying "hush money" to several former female employees.

The 76-year-old, however, remains the company's majority shareholder. Meanwhile, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, has taken over the reins as the new Chairwoman and Co-CEO alongside Nick Khan.

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