3 reasons why Daniel Bryan shouldn't sign a new WWE contract & 3 he should

Daniel Bryan backstage with Kayla Braxton
Daniel Bryan backstage with Kayla Braxton
Rohit Nath

Daniel Bryan's post-WrestleMania interview has caused quite a stir. Despite having his second (and probably last) WrestleMania main event against Edge and Roman Reigns, he revealed that he felt "oddly detached" and felt that he wasn't needed in the main event of WrestleMania.

More than anything, Bryan stated that it was a wake-up call about his future, while cleverly mentioning that the three-year contract he signed in 2021 will expire soon.

While it's not known when exactly his contract with WWE expires, Daniel Bryan has plenty of options. He has time to weigh in on whether he wants to potentially re-sign with WWE or try other options outside of the company.

Whatever it is, there are always going to be plenty of options for him. But after stating that he wants to transition into a part-time role, it could factor into his next big step.

Here is a list making a case for why Daniel Bryan shouldn't re-sign with WWE and a few reasons why he should:

#3. He shouldn't: New challenges for Daniel Bryan outside of WWE

Daniel Bryan on SmackDown
Daniel Bryan on SmackDown

Daniel Bryan has a lot of options outside of WWE. While the last decade of his career has been with one company, there was an entire decade before that spent on the independent scene.

It was on the independent scene where he made a name for himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world. There's a huge difference in the world of pro wrestling from the time before he signed with WWE and how it is now.

There are several big promotions and alternatives - which also means several great superstars to compete against and a lot of dream matches. From Daniel Bryan's perspective, it's worth giving it a shot outside of WWE to seek some fresh challenges before he wraps up his career for good.

#3. He should: The creative control Daniel Bryan will get in WWE

Daniel Bryan and Edge are two superstars who reportedly have significant creative control
Daniel Bryan and Edge are two superstars who reportedly have significant creative control

Daniel Bryan is one of the few WWE Superstars with "significant" creative control, as per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In the modern era of WWE, there are few superstars with creative control.

It's a big privilege to have, especially in this day and age of WWE wanting complete control over superstars - never pushing anyone to become a "larger-than-life" star (with John Cena being the last of his kind).

Daniel Bryan doesn't abuse his creative control. While Edge reportedly pushed to win the Royal Rumble himself and main event WrestleMania, Bryan seems to push for other superstars.

Having creative control means that Daniel Bryan has more incentive to re-sign with WWE - especially since he may get to choose who he wants to face going forward. If it's up to Bryan, then other superstars are going to benefit from it.

Cesaro is one such example from 2021, as he benefited from beating Daniel Bryan on numerous occasions.

#2. He shouldn't: There's plenty of financial incentive for Daniel Bryan outside of WWE

Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso
Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso

WWE pays main event superstars like Daniel Bryan better than any promotion in the world. There are few exceptions, such as Kazuchika Okada in New Japan Pro Wrestling, who reportedly earns more money than almost all of the WWE roster barring a few names.

Other "smaller" names that were released or left WWE revealed that wrestling in the independent scene pre-pandemic was far better for them financially than WWE was. It was a bit surprising, but with other promotions on the rise, there seems to be more money.

Looking at the bigger non-WWE promotions, Daniel Bryan doesn't have to worry about earning lesser money. There will be top promotions that will be willing to pay him a good seven-figure salary - even if he's not a full-time competitor. If he takes a hiatus and the independent wrestling scene starts picking up again, then there's a big financial incentive.

Ultimately, wrestling is a job, and Bryan may want to make as much money as possible before he retires. Leaving WWE will provide him with new opportunities as well as a good income for his retirement.

WWE will provide him with a big-money deal, but it may not be the biggest incentive for him to stay.

#2. He should: Daniel Bryan's part-time status will make him a bigger attraction

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan

Three years after his return from retirement, Daniel Bryan is still one of the best wrestlers in the world. Even after feeling "oddly detached" in the main event of WrestleMania, Bryan managed to put on an incredible performance that justified his addition to the match.

The Undertaker is no longer a part-timer, and Goldberg's appearances are far and few in between. Brock Lesnar technically isn't even under a WWE contract, and there is a lack of part-timers. While that isn't a bad thing, Bryan will likely take up that spot - and deservedly so.

Daniel Bryan will be a more beloved part-timer, and in his role, he is unlikely to win many big matches that he should be losing. The biggest criticism of part-timers is that they take up big spots and get an undeserved win over superstars who work full-time.

With Daniel Bryan, that won't be an issue. The less he wrestles, the more of a spectacle his matches will be.

#1. He shouldn't: Daniel Bryan has been in WWE for a long time now

Daniel Bryan's WWE career has been a long and storied one
Daniel Bryan's WWE career has been a long and storied one

Daniel Bryan's relationship with WWE dates back to the early 2000s, but he only got his big break in 2010. Even then, he was fired but quickly rehired. That kickstarted an incredible run for him, where he has won five World Championships and main evented WrestleMania twice.

With victories over the likes of Triple H, John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and more, Daniel Bryan has had a Hall of Fame-worthy career in a decade that saw him emerge as the hottest star in WWE, have a tragic retirement, as well as a miraculous comeback two years later.

An argument can be made that a decade is long enough in WWE and that Bryan has earned the right to go and explore other options. Those fans that want to see him wrestle non-WWE stars would make a case for how a decade is long enough with one promotion, and that Daniel Bryan has no obligation to retire in WWE.

#1. He should: WWE is the perfect place for Daniel Bryan's retirement

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has spent over a decade in WWE, and while the argument for new challenges and financial incentives can be made, most fans will want to see him retire in WWE.

Ultimately, it's up to what Bryan wants. Some have speculated that Daniel Bryan's recent comments were his way of getting WWE's attention as a negotiating tactic.

It's been proven before with certain superstars that teasing a WWE departure helps their negotiating power - and it often ends up with a nice and lucrative contract. If that's what Bryan is doing, then it's a smart move.

But other than the financial aspect, WWE is the perfect place for him to retire. He's had a storied career and went through his biggest ups and downs with the company. He doesn't owe anything to WWE or the fans, but it seems to be the most suitable place for him to end his career - especially when he doesn't know when his last match could be.

But as a part-timer, Daniel Bryan's run with WWE could extend.

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