3 reasons why Daniel Bryan shouldn't sign a new WWE contract & 3 he should

Daniel Bryan backstage with Kayla Braxton
Daniel Bryan backstage with Kayla Braxton
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Modified 26 Apr 2021
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Daniel Bryan's post-WrestleMania interview has caused quite a stir. Despite having his second (and probably last) WrestleMania main event against Edge and Roman Reigns, he revealed that he felt "oddly detached" and felt that he wasn't needed in the main event of WrestleMania.

More than anything, Bryan stated that it was a wake-up call about his future, while cleverly mentioning that the three-year contract he signed in 2021 will expire soon.

While it's not known when exactly his contract with WWE expires, Daniel Bryan has plenty of options. He has time to weigh in on whether he wants to potentially re-sign with WWE or try other options outside of the company.

Whatever it is, there are always going to be plenty of options for him. But after stating that he wants to transition into a part-time role, it could factor into his next big step.

Here is a list making a case for why Daniel Bryan shouldn't re-sign with WWE and a few reasons why he should:

#3. He shouldn't: New challenges for Daniel Bryan outside of WWE

Daniel Bryan on SmackDown
Daniel Bryan on SmackDown

Daniel Bryan has a lot of options outside of WWE. While the last decade of his career has been with one company, there was an entire decade before that spent on the independent scene.

It was on the independent scene where he made a name for himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world. There's a huge difference in the world of pro wrestling from the time before he signed with WWE and how it is now.

There are several big promotions and alternatives - which also means several great superstars to compete against and a lot of dream matches. From Daniel Bryan's perspective, it's worth giving it a shot outside of WWE to seek some fresh challenges before he wraps up his career for good.

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Published 26 Apr 2021
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