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3 Times Vince McMahon was a genius and 3 times he wasn't

Rohit Nath
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Published 09 May 2019, 20:50 IST
09 May 2019, 20:50 IST

A genius - yay or nay?
A genius - yay or nay?

Vince McMahon is an interesting figure and is perhaps even a Psychologist's biggest dream/nightmare, depending on the way you look at it. One thing every WWE fan knows for sure is that he's no ordinary human being.

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For a man like Vince McMahon, there's no such things as "days off". He hardly gets a few hours of sleep and yet he still manages to get the time to work out and have a body that not many 70+ year olds can claim that they have.

More than anything, it's staggering how after all these years, McMahon is constantly on top of everything. Whether it's business, deals outside or even the creative aspect of things, he has his fingers in every piece of the pie and is known to be a micromanager.

Whether that's good or bad is something we can't say, but a man of his calibre who has achieved so much has undoubtedly had his moments of genius. Being human (if he can even be called that), he's had his off-moments as well and we look at three moments where he was a genius and three moments where he wasn't!

#3. Not a genius - XFL's first attempt

McMahon is currently attempting to relaunch XFL
McMahon is currently attempting to relaunch XFL

Vince McMahon has always wanted to get into outside ventures, but simply hasn't found much success outside the pro wrestling/sports entertainment bubble. Whether it was a hockey league, a bodybuilding federation (yes, these existed), McMahon's biggest failure which clearly haunted him was the XFL.

It got off to a good start but it fell apart in no time and had to shut shop. In 2018, McMahon announced that he would be bringing back XFL in 2020, this time with a renewed purpose and with the help of experts in the field. How it's going to turn out, we're yet to see.

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