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AEW All Out 2019: 5 Awesome moments that the fans loved 

Karan Bedi
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:21 IST

Stream of Awesomeness!
Stream of Awesomeness!

Irregardless of what people thought of AEW All Out, there was still a lot to like about this show. Some might complain about the show being too long, but instead, it was built up to a great conclusion as the night went on.

The Buy In pre-show was, arguably, better than the one at Double or Nothing. The Women's Casino Battle Royale was well produced and had some surprise appearances that fans weren't expecting. The finish was even more relevant as it didn't go as predicted.

But, throughout the show, there were great little moments that stood out. These ranged from entrances to surprise attacks and even just subtle moments during the match. Some would call these interesting, others will call them surprising, but wrestling fans just would love to use the word "awesome" to describe those events.

That's the thing about AEW right now: everything they produce falls into that category. Their humor is more in touch with the social media generation, and they're pushing people like Jungle Boy and Darby Allin more to appeal to that demographic, which could help their upcoming TV show on TNT.

Here are 5 things that stood out at All Out that reeked of awesomeness.

#5 Jimmy Havoc gets the chair

A madman, a chair and some ducktape!
A madman, a chair and some ducktape!

This match was perhaps the most violent of the night. All three men are known for their exploits in hardcore wrestling and Jimmy Havoc is the craziest of them all. All three men put their bodies on the line to deliver some violent but awesome moments throughout the match.

When both men tied Jimmy Havoc to the chair, it was probably one of the amusing moments of the match. While the segment became violent, it was highly humorous to see Jimmy Havoc, the oldest of the three, swearing at his opponents and looking crazed while doing so.


The match was also notable for the fact that it had an official sponsor and was known as the "Cracker Barrel Clash." Credit should go to AEW for renaming the hardcore match under a different name and giving it more personality, considering a barrel was used to finish the match. Perhaps, fans will see this match again in the future.

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Published 03 Sep 2019, 01:57 IST
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