5 Biggest babyfaces who started off as heels in WWE 

  • While these WWE Superstars are currently thriving as crowd favorites, they debuted as dastardly heels.
  • It goes without saying that WWE Superstars are incomplete without their character work.
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Both the world titleholders in WWE used to be heels at a time
Both the world titleholders in WWE used to be heels at a time

One of the biggest reasons why WWE continues to be the pacesetter in the pro wrestling industry is that they have a roster comprising of the best talent from across the world. Most WWE Superstars are willing to go the extra mile in order to deliver an enjoyable match or segment.

A core part of any WWE Superstar is, of course, their gimmick. It's the ability to evoke a reaction from the crowd and great character work that really separates the elite stars from the rest of the pack. In the history of WWE, there are several Superstars who've managed to get the fans clamoring for more with both their heel and babyface personas.

The holders of the top prizes on both RAW and SmackDown are currently babyfaces and so are many other top Superstars in the company right now. However, it must be noted that some of them started their WWE careers on the main roster as villainous heels. Let us look at five such Superstars.

#5 Kevin Owens

Owens laid out Cena during his RAW debut
Owens laid out Cena during his RAW debut

Kevin Owens started off as a heel both during his NXT beginnings and the main roster of WWE. He would make his RAW debut back in May 2015 while responding to John Cena's United States Championship Open Challenge. Owens went on to attack Cena and later stomped on the US title to receive instant heat from the fans.

That encounter would result in a trilogy between KO and Cena with the former drawing first blood at Elimination Chamber. Cena would then get his revenge at Money in the Bank, and the feud would finally be settled with Big Match John getting the upper hand at Battleground.

Since then, Owens has gone on to win the Intercontinental Championship, US Championship, and Universal Championship in WWE. The Prizefighter has remained a heel for the majority of his career and only in 2019 did he see a change in persona.

After getting involved in altercations with the then General Manager of SmackDown Shane McMahon, KO eventually won over the WWE Universe. He was last involved in a feud with Seth Rollins that led to the birth of the Monday Night Messiah. The storyline ended with a monumental victory for Owens at WrestleMania 36.

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