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5 craziest places the 24/7 title should be defended at

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Truth in Disneyland
Truth in Disneyland

It has been around two months since the 24/7 title was unveiled by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. The green belt was initially bashed for being bland and ugly, but it soon turned into the hottest act on WWE TV.

By the end of the night, R-Truth managed to win the belt by pinning an unsuspecting Robert Roode. Thus kicked off a never-ending tale of Truth and the 24/7 title, with him winning and losing the belt to various Superstars over the course of the next several weeks.

At this point, the 24/7 Championship belt has been defended on a golf course, a plane, an airport, under the ring, and even a real-life wedding! But the best thing about this belt is that there's simply no limit as to what could be done with it. Here are 5 craziest places the 24/7 title could be defended at.

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#5 On a cruise ship

A cruise ship?
A cruise ship?

R-Truth is getting closer towards winning the 24/7 Championship belt for the 10th time. He has won the belt 9 times as of now and is bound to have a 10th reign sometime in the future.

This story could see Truth wanting to celebrate his achievement by going on a vacation with Carmella, on a cruise ship. Truth would finally get some time to relax and not worry about anyone separating him from the belt. But here's where Truth would be in the wrong, as a bunch of Superstars would have boarded the ship in pursuit of Truth. An incredibly hilarious segment could see Truth being chased by the mid-carders on the ship, while it's traveling on the ocean. This has been done successfully with a plane that was traveling thousands of feet up in the air and would be equally funny inside a ship.

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