5 ways WWE can make Kevin Owens the next Stone Cold

Could Owens be the new Austin?
Could Owens be the new Austin?

After a short-lived heel run, Kevin Owens turned babyface on last week's SmackDown Live, when he hit a thunderous Stunner on Dolph Ziggler after they lost a #1 contender's match to Heavy Machinery.

Tonight, Owens took it up a notch when he unleashed a pipebomb of his own on Shane McMahon, calling him out for hogging the spotlight at the expense of several talented Superstars in the back.

Owens reminded Shane of a Raw segment from months ago, that saw the McMahon family promising to hand the power over to the fans and listen to them from that point on. He added that the only thing that has happened since then is that Shane McMahon has gotten more TV time.

Later, Owens hit Shane with a Stunner during the main event, as fans cheered in unison. WWE later tweeted the clip, with a familiar caption that has become synonymous with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Let's take a look at 5 ways WWE could turn Owens into the next Stone Cold.

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#5 Owens needs to stun Vince

Owens beats up Vince
Owens beats up Vince

It seems like Shane is being groomed to become the next Vince McMahon here, and Owens' Stunner on him hours ago gave a major shot of nostalgia to longtime WWE fans. It certainly reminded them of the good times when Austin used to stun Vince occasionally.

A one-shot angle could see Mr. McMahon confronting Owens and telling him to respect the authority. Owens would respond with a Stunner on the boss, in a reenactment of the first time Austin stunned Vince during the Attitude Era. A rub from someone who was Austin's biggest rival is bound to help Owens cement himself as WWE's newest anti-hero.

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