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5 Reasons Undertaker vs Sting would be a huge mistake

Published Jul 07, 2019
Jul 07, 2019 IST

The Undertaker vs Sting
The Undertaker vs Sting

Survivor Series 2014.

As Triple H was about to aid Seth Rollins in getting a victory over Dolph Ziggler and keep The Authority's jobs secure in the process, a familiar music hit! In one of the most shocking moments in WWE history, WCW legend Sting came out and the crowd went bananas!

When the excitement wore off, fans clamored for the dream encounter they had been wanting to see for years at that point: The Undertaker vs Sting. At WrestleMania 31, Sting lost to Triple H whereas Undertaker defeated Bray Wyatt, and a huge opportunity was missed. There couldn't have been a better time and place than WrestleMania 31 to showcase this dream match, but the fans were left disappointed.

4 years later, WWE is now teasing the match via its social media posts. But do we really need this match now? Here are 5 reasons why The Undertaker vs Sting should not happen.

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#5 Look no further than Undertaker vs Goldberg

The Undertaker and Goldberg
The Undertaker and Goldberg

At Super ShowDown last month, The Undertaker faced off against Goldberg in the main event of the night. This match instantly garnered heat from the wrestling world, with fans bashing the company for putting the health of these legends in jeopardy. The bout had its fair share of scary moments that made the fans cringe and worry for the two legends.

Goldberg looked in a good enough shape for a match at the time. That didn't stop the bout from becoming a disaster. Disturbing footage after the match emerged later, showing Goldberg collapsing as he prepared to leave. It would be wise to take notes from the Super ShowDown disaster and make sure that something like this never happens again.

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