5 unfulfilled dreams of recently-released WWE Superstars

Bo Dallas, Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green, Mickie James, and Peyton Royce
Bo Dallas, Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green, Mickie James, and Peyton Royce

WWE released 10 superstars last Thursday, including big names like Mickie James, Samoa Joe, and The IIconics. Many of them had dreams that they were looking forward to fulfilling in the company which are all now shattered.

Some of the released stars had earlier expressed their desire to fulfill some specific dreams in WWE. For the past few years, they were not able to achieve such feats, and a few voiced their displeasure towards the lack of opportunities given to them.

Today, each of the released former WWE Superstars will embark on a new journey with more dreams and new goals. But some of these WWE Superstars' dreams will remain unfulfilled until a later date or forever.

Here are five unfulfilled dreams of the recently-released WWE Superstars.

#5 Mickie James - 7th WWE Women's Championship

Mickie James
Mickie James

When Mickie James came back to WWE, she dreamed of winning her seventh Women's Championship. Unfortunately for her, she will not be able to fulfill her dream now.

James returned to WWE in 2016 to face Asuka for the NXT Championship. Although she lost the match, James proved ready to return to WWE TV and made her official re-emergence to Monday Night RAW in January 2017. James tried to get her hands on the gold again for over four years, but to no avail.

The former WWE Women's Champion competed in a few title matches throughout her second run. Her last loss came against Ronda Rousey in 2018 for the RAW Women's Championship.


Last August, James confronted former RAW Women's Champion Asuka to demand a title match. James got her opportunity to face the Japanese star in a non-title match on September 14. Before the match, the six-time champion spoke out about her dreams in WWE in an interview with Daily DDT.

"Since coming back, this will probably be the most important match of my career. I’ve been blessed. I’ve been able to do stuff at WrestleMania and be able to do those things, but for me, ever since I walked back in that door, I wanted to win the women’s championship one more time. At least one more time."

James lost to The Empress of Tomorrow and did not get a title opportunity. She has been absent from in-ring competition since the Royal Rumble before WWE released her on April 15.

James sent a message to Vince McMahon following her release.

"Grateful for the memories. Grateful for the locker room. Grateful for the fans. Grateful for these little keys to my golden handcuffs. You can never expected others vision of you to be big as your own dreams. Thank you @VinceMcMahon #AlwaysBlessedAndGrateful"

Where James will end up next remains a mystery for now.

#4 Samoa Joe - WWE world title

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe took WWE by storm when he debuted on NXT in 2015. He was a household name in TNA and the independent circuit before making his way to WWE. Joe successfully captured the NXT Championship nearly one year from his debut.

Joe was promoted to the main roster in 2017. Despite several attempts, he failed to capture either the WWE Championship or the Universal title. His biggest achievement in WWE was winning the United States Championship twice.

Joe voiced his dissatisfaction with his WWE career achievements in an interview with Uproxx last February. Despite being absent for nearly a year due to injury, he revealed that his ultimate goal remains winning one of the major titles.

"(Those titles) are a calling card for a legacy. It’s something that’s sought after. It’s based on perseverance and time. I’ve existed in a career wrought with doubt by others. I’ve learned to shut it out and never listened to it because honestly, I never had to accept those results and we found a way to get it done. So we’re just working on that right now. Just being strategic about it."

WWE released Samoa Joe on April 15, shattering his dream of becoming WWE or Universal Champion.

#3 Former WWE Superstar Peyton Royce - RAW Women's title shot

Peyton Royce
Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce has captured the eye of the WWE Universe since her debut on the main roster in 2016 as part of the IIconics. Alongside her partner Billie Kay, she won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

Surprisingly, Royce never got a shot at either the SmackDown or RAW Women's Championship. She recently voiced her frustration at the lack of opportunities given to her in comparison to Charlotte Flair.

The former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion sent a bold message to WWE officials on RAW Talk before WrestleMania 37. She asked them to "let her go and see what happens."

"I am going to set one thing straight once and for all, because I have been quiet. But closed mouths don't get paid. I'm not here hiding my talents, in fact my talent are hidden behind the opinions of others. Why not just let me go? Just let me go and see what happens!"

Unfortunately for Royce, WWE let her go for good. She was absent from WrestleMania 37 then released on April 15.

Following her release, she published a statement on her Twitter account.

"Although my heart is in some need of repairs I must send out some thanks. To Mr. McMahon & HHH for allowing me the opportunity to work for you I have loved every moment of it & I will cherish my memories at WWE for the rest of my life. Some of my wildest dreams came true under your roof."

Royce will almost certainly be back on our TV screens as soon as possible.

#2 Chelsea Green - Forming a tag team with Mickie James in WWE

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green signed with WWE in 2018 to join NXT. She competed in the 2020 Women's Royal Rumble match and was eliminated after just 14 seconds.

Green made her debut on the main roster last November, competing on SmackDown in a Fatal Four-Way. However, luck was not in her favor as she suffered a broken left wrist during her debut match on the blue brand.

The match was her final time competing in a WWE ring, as she did not return before her release on April 15.

Over the past few weeks, Green has expressed her desire through her social media accounts to form a tag team with WWE legend Mickie James. The six-time Women's Champion seemed in on the idea, which gained some hype on social media among WWE fans.

Despite this, WWE decided to release both ladies. Green's wish to partner with Mickie James will not happen, at least not in WWE.

Green issued a lengthy statement following her release.

"I've made once in a lifetime memories at WWE. "I didn't do everything I set out to do, but I'm proud of what I have done. (Can you say you were in a Royal Rumble for 14 seconds?) I'm proud of the fact that I never took NO for an answer (even after 4 tryouts and a reality show). I'm proud of the fact that I came back stronger every single time I was knocked down (or broke an arm). Although it's been a few years, nothing has changed. I'm still that girl. Tomorrow, I'll get up, dust myself off and start on my next journey. I'm taking back control, I'm refocusing and I'm going to do what I've always set out to do – Make a name for myself. It's been short & sweet WWE Universe. I'll see you on TV."

Where Green ends up next is anyone's guess.

#1 Bo Dallas - WWE Intercontinental Championship

Bo Dallas
Bo Dallas

Former WWE Superstar Bo Dallas was one of the company's most promising talents during his time in NXT. In WWE, he won the NXT Championship and the RAW Tag Team Championships.

In 2014, Dallas was aiming to capture the Intercontinental Championship, viewing the title as a step towards bigger achievements in the company. He spoke about his goals in an interview with Delaware County News Network.

"Oh absolutely. Look at the Intercontinental Championship’s legacy. You’ve got Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. The Intercontinental Championship is a legacy, not only something I’ve strived to get in my life, but a big step in my career. Yes, it’s a dream, and if I could accomplish it, it would mean the world to me."

Dallas never achieved his goal in WWE. He had 14 chances at the Intercontinental title in televised and non-televised events but lost them all. His last match in WWE came nearly a year and a half ago at WWE Crown Jewel.

He teamed up with Curtis Axel to compete in a Tag Team Turmoil match, where they lost to The New Day.

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