5 controversial moments from explosive Alberto Del Rio tell-all interview

Alberto Del Rio No Longer Facing Sexual Assault & Kidnapping Charges

Alberto Del Rio was a former WWE Superstar who looked like he was going to have a long and successful career as a wrestler, however, through his own actions he has become one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling.

He's had backstage bust-ups in WWE, he's had fallings out with IMPACT Wrestling and outside of the ring he's been responsible for generating plenty of buzz, but none of it was a good kind of buzz, particularly with his relationship with WWE's Paige.

Sportskeeda's own Riju Dasgupta recently had the pleasure of being able to sit down with Alberto Del Rio, now known as Alberto El Patron, for an interview, and the former WWE and IMPACT Champion promised that no questions were off-limits.

Here are the five most controversial moments from Alberto Del Rio's tell-all interview

#5. Alberto Del Rio hits back at all of his haters

Alberto Del Rio was asked about his return to the ring and he revealed that he was very much looking forward to getting back inside the ring after a year of not being able to (due to assault charges that had been made against him)

In talking about how excited he was to return to the ring he also touched on those assault charges and how they almost took away the 'thing he loves' as well as the people out there who don't like him.

"Well yes, I'm back into the thing that I love the most, pro wrestling, it was taken away from me in an unfair way last year, but I'm back, everything is coming together and as I always say, the truth always comes to light.

He added,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the fans for all the love, for all the support. And also thank you to all the haters because it was your hate that made me get back on my feet. Stop being down," added Del Rio. "My dad said- they've pinned you but you haven't heard the number 3."


#4 Alberto Del Rio says the assault charge was a lie from his ex to get revenge for him cheating on her

Alberto Del Rio has spent the last year going through what he calls 'a horrible nightmare' after assault charges were raised against him by his ex-fiancee Reyna. However, in the interview, he revealed that the charges had been dropped because the alleged victim had made them up.

Alberto Del Rio would go on to state that his former partner wanted revenge against him because he cheated on her with another woman in their own bed and as a result, she made up the assault charges.

"All that horrible nightmare from last year, it’s about to be over,” said Alberto Del Rio. “Everything in my favor with zero, zero evidence against me, with my ex-fiancée even apologizing publicly, withdrawing charges, and speaking to the authorities and telling them, ‘I’m sorry, I f’d it up. I wanted revenge, I was p*****, I was angry, I hated that man, because that man cheated on me 10 days before our wedding in our house, in our bed, and I just wanted to make him suffer.’”


Alberto Del Rio went on to add that he was sort-of thankful to his ex-partner for being brave enough to allegedly reveal that his alleged crimes didn't take place, which is why he was able to return to being in the public spotlight as a wrestler again.

#3. Alberto Del Rio reveals he and Paige had a confidentiality agreement that she and her family broke, begs them to leave him alone

Alberto Del Rio was very open about the charges that he'd received against him from his ex, but also his relationship with former partner, two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige.

He claimed that Paige telling people that Del Rio abused her extended the process of his ex dropping the charges, and that by doing so, she and her family had breached a $1 million dollar confidentiality agreement.

“Everybody knows who am I talking about,” Del Rio said. “We had a confidential agreement, you and I, for one million dollars. That’s the reason why I never, ever said anything. Even when your family, your brothers were poking and poking and poking me to provoke me and make me talk so you guys could come and collect that million dollars.

Alberto Del Rio would go on to tell Paige directly that 'enough was enough' begging them to leave him alone going forward.

“I didn’t do it, but thank you, seriously thank you so much for being so… let’s call it naive… and breaching that confidential agreement, because now enough is enough. And everybody knows who am I talking about. Enough is enough.”


#2. Alberto Del Rio insinuates that Paige would be fired from WWE if they knew the 'truth' about her


Alberto Del Rio didn't stop at revealing that Paige has allegedly broken a $1 million dollar confidentiality agreement, he would go on to add that now it's been broken he could tell the 'truth' about a lot of things.

In doing so he insinuated that Paige had told a lot of lies about a lot of the controversial moments the couple shared together, and that if he exposed them, Paige would almost certainly lose her job from WWE.

“You’re lucky,”said Alberto Del Rio. “You should be saying, 'Thank you, Alberto,' because the only reason why you still have a job is because I never exposed you. I never told the truth about what really happened. The real story, not the bulls*** story that you and I gave to the media and the companies to protect you from losing your job.

He goes on to imply that one of the things he's kept quiet for Paige is the fact that she was the one responsible for several domestic violence arrests, and that Alberto Del Rio was not involved as a perpetrator.

“Right now, I can say there was only one person being arrested for domestic violence three different times – San Antonio, Vegas, and Orlando – and it wasn’t me. I never got arrested for any domestic violence when we were together.”

#1. Alberto Del Rio believes he and Paige could've been great together

Despite the alleged breach of confidentiality agreement and the fact that he could 'expose' Paige and get her fired from WWE, but won't, Alberto Del Rio believes that he and Paige could've been great together.

Alberto Del Rio was asked about Paige's forced retirement due to injury and he was very complementary about her as a performer and even suggested that could've been wrestling's power couple had they not made certain mistakes.

"Completely. I will always say this, like, she is amazing. Like, amazing! She is an amazing performer. We could have been something fantastic together. We could have been; we could have built an empire together with her talent, my talent, our charisma. But instead of that, we used our time to do stupid stuff. To party, to hang out with not good companies, not good people, sorry, not companies, not g people. It is what it is. We could have, should have, would have, you know."

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