5 controversial moments from explosive Alberto Del Rio tell-all interview

Alberto Del Rio No Longer Facing Sexual Assault & Kidnapping Charges

#3. Alberto Del Rio reveals he and Paige had a confidentiality agreement that she and her family broke, begs them to leave him alone

Alberto Del Rio was very open about the charges that he'd received against him from his ex, but also his relationship with former partner, two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige.

He claimed that Paige telling people that Del Rio abused her extended the process of his ex dropping the charges, and that by doing so, she and her family had breached a $1 million dollar confidentiality agreement.

“Everybody knows who am I talking about,” Del Rio said. “We had a confidential agreement, you and I, for one million dollars. That’s the reason why I never, ever said anything. Even when your family, your brothers were poking and poking and poking me to provoke me and make me talk so you guys could come and collect that million dollars.

Alberto Del Rio would go on to tell Paige directly that 'enough was enough' begging them to leave him alone going forward.

“I didn’t do it, but thank you, seriously thank you so much for being so… let’s call it naive… and breaching that confidential agreement, because now enough is enough. And everybody knows who am I talking about. Enough is enough.”

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