5 famous wrestling families

  • #2 The Anoa’I Family

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Roman Reigns and The Rock during Royal Rumble 2015

Possibly one of the largest wrestling families in its history, the Anoa’I Family has had stories of professional wrestling career with some of the greatest superstars coming out of this clan. The most famous one is ‘The Great One’- The Rock. But he’s a third-generation wrestler of his family. His father Rocky Johnson and grandfather Peter Maivia were also wrestlers. The current generation includes Roman Reigns, related to Afa and Sika, and The Usos ( Jimmy and Jey), sons of Rikishi.The family has also produced great wrestlers like the late Yokozuna and Umaga.  We also have Nia Jax making a huge mark in NXT.

This family has had a larger influence on wrestling by working with different companies during its historical pro-wrestling stint. The above-mentioned names are only the most well- known of all.

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