5 Former WWE Superstars who have shown off new looks in 2022

Several former stars have changed up their looks this year
Several former stars have changed up their looks this year

WWE Superstars often leave the company with a mentality where they want to start afresh. This can sometimes include a new look.

For women, this could be a change of hair color or a haircut. Meanwhile, men often shave or grow beards and hair to indicate that this is a new chapter in their lives.

The following list looks at just five former superstars who have publicly shown off their new looks over the past nine months.

#5. Former WWE Superstar Nia Jax

Nia Jax was released from her contract back in November 2021 and has since made it clear that she has no plans to make her return to the ring.

Jax even turned down the chance to be part of the Women's Royal Rumble match earlier this year, instead opting to focus on her life outside of the squared circle.

Like many recently released women on the main roster, Jax has changed her look several times since leaving the company, with the above image seemingly being her latest update. Jax had much darker hair while wrestling in WWE and has now opted for an ombre look while flaunting her natural curls.

#4. British superstar Paige

Former WWE Superstar @RealPaigeWWE Shows Her New Look!

Paige's WWE contract expired earlier this year, and the former star has since made her return to the United Kingdom. She is set to referee a match between her father and brother at their family's promotion in October.

Paige was away from WWE TV for several years before it was announced that she would be walking away from the company. At that time, she was able to change up her look several times.

The most recent change came back in February when Paige shared the above image on her Twitter account, where she looked somewhat unrecognizable compared to her time in the ring.

#3. Former superstar Lana

Lana was another surprise release from WWE back in June 2021. Many initially assumed that she would go on to join her husband Miro in AEW. Instead, she has focused on her career outside of the ring and continues to push forward in the acting business.

Lana's recent roles have forced her to change her look several times. In the fall of 2021, Lana showed off her new brunette look, but a few weeks ago, when she appeared on Renee Paquette's The Sessions Podcast, she revealed that she had gone back to blonde.

Lana's hair isn't the same blonde she was throughout her WWE career. It appears that she has also decided to keep her brunette roots to complete the unique look.

#2. Former superstar Bray Wyatt

War DeathFamine Pestilence Forever the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse!!!!! 4Brodie #TheFamily#BrayWyatt#LukeHarper#ErickRowan#BraunStrowman

Bray Wyatt's release back in 2021 shocked the WWE Universe. His fanbase has since clung to the hope that Triple H's recent takeover could lead to Wyatt returning to the company.

Wyatt hasn't stepped back into the wrestling ring since his release, opting to concentrate on projects outside of the business instead. However, the former champion took the time to reunite with former Wyatt Family members Erik Rowan and Braun Strowman to pay tribute to the late Luke Harper in April.

The trio posed for a photo while Wyatt held up a mask for Harper, and many fans have since commented on his physical change. It appears that the former star has slimmed down and even changed his facial hair in the year he has been away from the company.

#1. Former Divas Champion AJ Lee

living my Psylocke fantasy

AJ Lee is one of the most iconic female wrestlers in WWE history. The former Divas Champion hasn't wrestled in almost a decade, but there are still hardcore fans hoping for her to return to the ring one day.

Lee returned to the business last year when she was announced as an executive producer for Women of Wrestling and has since taken on a commentary position with the company.

Her husband, CM Punk, has also recently returned to the spotlight. While Lee hasn't ruled out a return to the ring, her new look has turned a few heads.

Lee shared the above images on Twitter this past week, where she showed off her new purple hair.

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