5 matches that should take place on night 2 of WrestleMania 36

Which matches should end the weekend?
Which matches should end the weekend?
Matthew Serocki

WrestleMania 36 is going to be historic for many reasons. The fact that it is being broken up into two nights of action is just one reason. Another is that an NXT title is being defended on the show for the first time ever. There will also be an empty arena.

While the entirety of the card has yet to be announced, there have been a handful of matches already revealed. Already booked are the matches for the RAW and SmackDown Women's titles as well as those for the WWE and Universal Championships.

We also know that AJ Styles vs. the Undertaker, John Cena vs. The Fiend, and Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair are also official. That doesn't mean that everything is set in stone as there are still two weeks of build to get through. SmackDown alone could also deliver us an Intercontinental Championship match, a SmackDown Tag Team title match and Women's Tag title contest as well.

For Night 1 of WrestleMania 36, I proposed that the matches should include Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens, Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the NXT Women's Championship and the Universal title match between Roman Reigns and Goldberg. I also suggested that Bayley defend her SmackDown Women's title and that the proposed Last Man Standing match between Randy Orton and Edge take place on Saturday, April 4.

Here are the matches that should take place on Night 2 of WrestleMania 36.

#5 Intercontinental Championship match: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Did Zayn put his foot in his mouth?
Did Zayn put his foot in his mouth?

Just as the first night would need a cool down match or a potential show-opening bout like Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens, this one would work well for night 2. It hasn't been made official yet as Drew Gulak must defeat Shinsuke Nakamura this Friday just for Bryan to get his title match.

But regardless, this could steal the show. Both men are great technicians and rarely have bad matches. While the fans won't be a factor, each man has nailed the nuances of their current characters. Zayn is the condescending heel who is making his foe jump through hoops while Bryan is calling out the Great Liberator for his tomfoolery.

These two warring factions have kept the action going in the empty arena editions of SmackDown. While it won't main event either night, it could feasibly take almost any spot on WrestleMania weekend. Night 2 would seem better since the rest of the matches will likely involve more theatrics.

#4 AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker

Who will walk out as the real Phenomenal One?
Who will walk out as the real Phenomenal One?

It would have made sense to have this match and the next match on different nights since both involve supernatural characters. But with The Undertaker coming out to a normal entrance on the last SmackDown, he might not be entering slowly and through fog like he usually does.

This is a high-profile match from RAW and one that has been set up well. It doesn't have a title or stipulation attached to it so it could be on either night. But since I chose Orton and Edge to battle it out on Night 1, this should be a Night 2 affair.

The success of Night 1 will ultimately decide the rest of the weekend. If things go well for the most part, then most of the audience will tune in for the second night of action. Most fans will probably watch either way, but a slam dunk way for them to assuredly watch Sunday's action is to have The Undertaker battle AJ Styles as a part of the card.

There will likely be a few more matches added to the PPV but making people wait for the Undertaker's match would be a smart move.

#3 The Fiend vs. John Cena

Was Cena letting Wyatt in a mistake?
Was Cena letting Wyatt in a mistake?

Since The Undertaker may or may not have a grandiose entrance, it might be The Fiend's time to take the torch from The Phenom. While these two battled it out at WrestleMania 30, both are still in good enough shape to add different layers to the match.

Wyatt is still creepy albeit in a much different way. Instead of a cult-like aura he has a creepy shadow aura alter-ego that does his bidding in the ring. The faces have changed a little but the reason for the match has not.

On one of the empty arena episodes of SmackDown, Wyatt said that his loss to Cena at WM 30 sent him on a downward spiral that ended with the creation of The Fiend. It was a bittersweet loss but one that helped him learn how to better cope with things.

The newer persona, however, isn't going to let Cena forget what he did to Wyatt in the past. With the other big match from SmackDown anchoring night 1, this should be saved for the second night. Wyatt needs to win for validation and it would be a satisfying wait for it to happen on night 2 of the action.

#4 RAW Women's Championship Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler

The Queen of Spades vs. the Man
The Queen of Spades vs. the Man

This is the highest-profile of the women's matches for the show. Its status necessitates being on the second night of action. Since the build goes back to Survivor Series, it makes sense to save it rather than have it take place on Saturday.

Becky Lynch has held the title since last year's WrestleMania. For that reason, she is probably going to lose to Baszler. Some big title changes should be saved for night 2 and this is one of them. Depending on who you ask, this could still be a match with the biggest or one of the biggest stars in the company (Lynch). Her star power alone could main event any night but since it doesn't involve a Rumble win, it should be a featured part of night 2.

The Man main-evented the show last year but isn't likely to do so again with both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in different title matches. Since I suggested that Bayley and Rhea Ripley defend their titles on night 1, this should be saved for night 2 so as not to put a lot of women's matches on the same evening.

#1 WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre earned the right to truly close WrestleMania 36.
McIntyre earned the right to truly close WrestleMania 36.

In my mind, this is the last match that should take place during WrestleMania 36 weekend. I know Lesnar likes to compete early on during long PPVs and that he has done so at WM 35, Crown Jewel and last year's SummerSlam.

But since this match and feud has been about crowning Drew McIntyre and getting him over as the next big star, it needs to close the show. Winning the Royal Rumble used to be about the winner getting to "main event WrestleMania." Seth Rollins' win last year, however, didn't net him the last spot on the card.

McIntyre has never had a major title shot but he did win the Rumble. He's never been pushed as the top guy in WWE but this angle is headed that way. The Scottish Psychopath has earned the right to main event the entire card. For that reason, I'm picking this as the last match of the weekend.

It should be a physical contest between two physical men and would be a great way to end things. Will WWE save it for the finale or will a different bout end up closing WrestleMania 36 weekend?

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