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5 most surprising WWE Draft Picks From Day 1: Big botch with tag team, Lashley gets undeserving spot? (October 11th, 2019)

Rohit Nath
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The opening contest
The opening contest

Day one of the WWE Draft is officially done and there are quite a few talking points. WWE made quite a few mistakes but we'll get into that in a while. We saw 20 overall Draft Picks, with RAW getting the first one.

It came by a little controversy since The Fiend interfered in the match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to determine which brand would get the first-round draft pick. While some may have been surprised about Becky Lynch being the overall #1 draft pick, it shouldn't be a big one at this point since WWE has constantly proven their commitment to her as the face of the women's division - more so than they have with Seth Rollins as the face of RAW.

We're glad that she was chosen for that spot because she's well-deserving of it, more than certain superstars. There were a few surprising picks and we explain whether it was good or bad.

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#5. Randy Orton to RAW

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

Randy Orton was the first of the 2nd round Draft Picks and he moved over to RAW after 3 long years away. He was the 6th overall draft pick and it's a move that is best suited to him in this stage of his career. particularly since he has already done what he can do on SmackDown and feuded with almost everyone there is.

Moreover, SmackDown is going to be stacked with superstars and he'll be occupying an unnecessary spot on the show. Hopefully, he'll get some good rivalries on RAW. It's a bit surprising because he has been one of the true SmackDown superstars who has never moved despite 3 Superstar Shake-Ups happening. It's going to be interesting to see him on RAW and he may have a career redemption.

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