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5 things WWE subtly told us on Draft Day 1: Huge push for #8 pick, WrestleMania 36 storyline potentially begins

Rohit Nath
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Shocking but the incorrect call
Shocking but the incorrect call

WWE SmackDown and Draft Day 1 is officially in the books. We quite liked the episode and thought it was a solid show, more so than last week. Perhaps the great ending of it helped fans, including us, overlook the bad parts of the show (and there were a few, but we'll leave that for our Best & Worst series). Had Hell in a Cell ended with a satisfying conclusion, fans would have been raving about what a great PPV it was.

Either way, looking at the Draft, things were certainly interesting. It was presented partially as it was in real-life. USA Network and FOX Executives have reportedly been directly involved in the planning of the WWE Draft since each Network would want to bid for the bigger superstars.

FOX won on Day 1 but it was a bit refreshing in that no authority figure was plastered across the show. Even Stephanie McMahon, often left, right and center on TV, played a minimum role and only appeared when required. With this new direction in mind, here are a few things WWE subtly told us on Friday Night SmackDown's Draft!

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#5 Shorty G is going to be a thing now

An official name change
An official name change

Chad Gable's name has officially been changed to Shorty Gable. PWInsider had reported a few months ago that WWE filed a trademark for 'Shorty G' and it has finally been confirmed. The storyline of Baron Corbin calling Gable 'Shorty' has now resulted in them changing his name altogether.

Why they would think that's a good decision, we have no idea. But we hope that this is a short-term storyline. It keeps dragging on as they exchange victories but if WWE wants to push Gable (and he has all the potential in the world), then calling him Shorty G just isn't going to cut it.

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