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7 big mistakes WWE made on SmackDown's Draft: Disappointing end to top rivalry, Reason why RAW could suffer (11th October, 2019)

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Day 1 is in the books!
Day 1 is in the books!

WWE's Draft is halfway done. We saw the conclusion of Day 1 and thanks to a great main event and a great finish, the overall impression of the show was a good one. It was undoubtedly better than last week, where the show was overstacked to get everybody on the card in two hours.

Thankfully, that didn't happen and the show went smooth. But how were there 7 mistakes in two hours? We'll get into that shortly.

WWE had let a bunch of mistakes slip through the cracks, particularly with certain draft picks. While we understand that they couldn't keep everyone happy, particularly given that they have two different Networks to answer to,

However, there were a bunch of questionable decisions made. This usually happens in Drafts and has been happening for a long time now, it's just that we often forget the past drafts due to nostalgia. Here are the mistakes WWE made on SmackDown for Day 1 of the Draft

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#7 Kofi Kingston jumping around like everything is fine

Character consistency - RIP
Character consistency - RIP

Look at Kofi Kingston and Bayley on SmackDown to notice the stark contrast in character work. It was just a week ago when Kofi Kingston's run as WWE Champion ended in 10 seconds.

When you lose like that in ten seconds, why would you walk out bubbly, happy and throwing pancakes as though nothing happened? With Bayley, everything that has happened had a purpose and has all built into the character that she's developed lately. Kingston has been brushed aside from the WWE title picture and has now been relegated to doing the Susan G. Komen segments.

It's as though he has completely forgotten about the fact that he lost the World Championship in ten seconds.

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