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5 potential post-WrestleMania rivalries for Roman Reigns

Shakil Ahmed
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The Big Dog
The Big Dog

On the 25th February 2019 episode of Raw, we witnessed the return of Roman Reigns as The Big Dog had announced that he was in remission from leukemia.

The fact that Reigns has finally returned has definitely been a huge boost for WWE as he is clearly one of their biggest assets. Reigns' struggles with leukemia have made him an inspirational figure for many people all around the world.

At WrestleMania 35, we also saw Reigns successfully defeat Drew McIntyre in a great match which has created plenty of momentum for The Big Dog.

So here are 5 superstars that could potentially face Reigns in the future to create a solid rivalry.

#5. Elias

The Drifter
The Drifter

During Roman Reigns' last Intercontinental Championship run before his leukemia returned, we saw Elias and Reigns have plenty of matches with the title on the line. However, Elias was never quite able to topple the face of WWE.

But despite Elias' attempts to defeat Reigns, he has proven himself heavily against The Big Dog in the past with his most highly rated match being when Elias had answered Reigns' Intercontinental Open Challenge title match.

We saw Elias not only perform well in the ring, but his character and mannerisms made the match a lot more enjoyable.

Both men have a clear history, but their history has never been implemented on a PPV level. Elias has never defeated Reigns in a one on one match, which could be a clear catalyst for their rivalry if they faced off again.


At WrestleMania 35, as well as the Raw after Mania, we saw Elias' musical performances being interrupted by John Cena (for the second year in a row) as well as The Undertaker, respectively.

Even though Elias always gets attacked, the fact that WWE is allowing him to share the stage with such huge superstars shows that they are clearly big on The Drifter.

Also, the fact that Reigns is basically a real-life Superman due to his struggles makes him a bigger, worldwide star than what he used to be.

This could potentially create a bigger heel in Elias, as seeing him have another potential rivalry with Reigns could do wonders for Elias' career. This could even apply if Elias had lost again to Reigns, as Elias is a rare character that doesn't need to win or lose to increase his magnitude, with his musical performances doing all the talking.

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