5 pranks WWE Superstars played on Vince McMahon

Former Chairman Vince McMahon also got punked by his WWE Superstars.
Former Chairman Vince McMahon also got punked by his WWE Superstars.

Vince McMahon was indeed a person of authority in WWE back when he was still the promotion’s chairman. His in-ring notoriety was also put on full display during the company’s Attitude Era when he got involved in numerous feuds and storylines. Some of them include clashes against WWE Superstars like The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, and the most notable of them all was with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Outside the ring, the then-big boss and most of his superstars have formed a tight bond between them. It was so tight that there were those who were insane enough to pull off a prank on him.

But who are these brave souls? Check out these WWE Superstars that successfully ribbed Vince McMahon.

#5. Vince McMahon getting ribbed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon by getting the WWE Universe to greet him with a Happy Birthday


This was a rather lighthearted prank put up by WWE’s power couple as they got the crowd singing Happy Birthday to Vince McMahon on his 70th birthday.

This happened in 2015 after SummerSlam, where Triple H and Steph were about to present Seth Rollins with his statue that turned out to be Sting. Prior to the unveiling, they might have thought that this was the perfect opportunity to go off script and do the above-mentioned.

With all smiles, Triple H highlighted how the former Chairman was so pissed at the time, adding that it’s now even funny.


Oh, Vinnie Mac did get right back at him, and he got him good. This happened during The Game’s 25th anniversary, and he got roasted to a crisp.

#4. Triple H’s smelling salt prank on Vince McMahon


The Cerebral Assassin sure did get away with this one unscathed. For the uninitiated, smelly salts usually consist of ammonia mixed with perfume to trigger an inhalation reflex. Triple H did it in a live segment of the show while McMahon was supposed to be asleep.

In an interview with Chris Jericho on his Talk is Jericho podcast, former ECW and WWE Superstar Rhyno recalled the story as the culprit himself told him about it. He even remembered that Triple H weaved out a story about what happened, explaining that the doctor might have gotten a bit spooked and administered a real-smelling salt.

As for the one that got punked, he shrugged and laughed it off.

#3. WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre made the boss flinch

WWE Career accomplishments:WWE Champion x 2NXT Champion Intercontinental Champion Tag Team Champion X2FCW ChampionFCW Tag Champion X2Royal Rumble winner....Annnnnd I made @VinceMcMahon flinch#BrokenSkullSessions

This is another ballsy prank for Vince McMahon courtesy of The Scottish Warrior – Drew McIntyre.

During an episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, McIntyre looked back at the moment when he tricked the former chairman. He said that the prank took place during a workshop where they were being taught how to cut a promo.

After the class, they were told to apply what they had learned from the workshop by making a promo with a big finish. McIntyre admitted that he struggled at first concocting one and used a water bottle. He pretended to throw it at Vince, and the rest was history.

#2. The Undertaker’s reversal


The Undertaker has been known throughout his career to stick firmly to his Deadman persona. There were even times when his fellow WWE Superstars tried breaking his character but failed most of the time.

A prime example happened in 2002 after an episode of RAW where The Undertaker had just finished an eight-man tag match against the team The Un-Americans, to which Taker's team lost. The WWE Superstars who remained in the ring were The Undertaker, Booker T, and Goldust.

The Deadman then requested Booker to perform his famous Spinaroonie move, and the Hall of Famer obliged. Booker returned the favor as he asked Taker to do the same. However, he was hesitant to do so.

The Rock and Triple H had already come out to persuade The Undertaker to witness if The Phenom would finally give in. He was surely a tough nut to crack when Vince McMahon finally came out. It looked like The Undertaker used a reverse UNO card that moment when the boss was the one performing what he called a Vincearooni.

Hilarity ensued, but no Takeroonie.

#1. Owen Hart’s ultimate prank on Vince McMahon

Owen Hart's indeed a legend. (Image via Reddit/nocturnal frolic)
Owen Hart's indeed a legend. (Image via Reddit/nocturnal frolic)

This could be one of the most infamous pranks ever pulled off on the former chairman.

WWE legend Owen Hart was known as a prankster in the locker room, and a lot of his colleagues and even his dad fell victim to his antics. Vince was not spared either.

In 1995, the promotion booked a so-called Hogpen Match between Henry Godwinn and Triple H. Prior to the match, the delivery guy that transported the pigs was asking where he’ll be placing the farm animals, which Hart overheard.

He then escorted the delivery guy to Vince McMahon’s office and placed the animals inside. One can only imagine how fragrant the former chairman’s office was at the time, thanks to this legend. Luckily, Hart did not get into trouble for this.

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