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5 reasons why people hate Roman Reigns and boo him

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323.88K   //    08 Apr 2016, 15:36 IST
Will WWE turn Roman heel soon?

Roman Reigns has always been the much-debated topic among WWE fans. While a major part of WWE universe boo him, Roman has been pushed mindless of those boos by the WWE management. As a result, Roman Reigns has been the sour spot of WWE for some time.

There are numerous factors that have caused WWE Universe’s hate towards Roman Reigns, and most of it is not Roman Reigns’ fault. The bad booking and the premature push he received prior to 2015 WrestleMania has tarnished his status in the eyes of WWE universe.

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It can also be noted that the WWE Universe doesn’t reject Roman as a wrestler (they are obviously thrilled with the idea of having him as a heel). They reject the push that he is being given time and time again; they reject the fact that WWE is trying to push something down their throats despite their disapproval.

Here are the major five reasons why the WWE universe hate Roman Reigns.

Before we get any further, let me discuss this first.

Roman Reigns thrived in NXT as a heel

Roman Reigns was thriving in the heel role at NXT. His casual arrogance and cocky attitude helped garner a lot of fans in NXT, but his tenure there was short. Despite that, the crowd identified him as a wrestler with legitimate heel persona.

Moreover, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has also repeatedly stressed in his podcasts that Roman should turn heel and thrive in the role he was excelling at in NXT. Roman was a natural heel in NXT much like Kevin Owens (not to Kevin’s extent though) is in WWE.  

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If in case Roman turns heel, I personally think that he would connect more with the audience than as a babyface. Give him one year to get over with the fans then turn him back to face. A year’s deviation is not going to cost WWE much, if they are planning on keeping Roman as the ‘Face of the Company’ for the future.

#5 The lingering John Cena effect

The man who main evented WrestleMania for over a decade

John Cena has been the face of WWE for over a decade and has rightfully earned it too. But, most of WWE’s hardcore fans resent him for it. There haven’t been too many talented wrestlers since John Cena’s rise to stardom. Even during the Attitude Era, there was more than one Superstar who shared the limelight, unlike John Cena’s domination of the past ten years.

But, lately, there have been several Superstars who are different from John Cena in both style and looks. With Roman getting the major push out of all these Superstars, there is an unspoken fear among the WWE Universe that his push would bury other talents that are emerging in the WWE. As a result, they reject Roman’s push outright without even giving much thought into it.

Coincidentally, Roman’s push has made the other WWE talents, who are both interesting character-wise and in-ring ability wise, to take a back seat.

A solution here would be to promote other talents simultaneously as they try to put over Roman. A proof of this was seen during the build-up to the triple threat match at Fastlane. WWE pushed Dean Ambrose more than Roman during that period, and as a result, Roman was booed less compared to other times.

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