5 Reasons why The Rock is the 'Elvis Presley of WWE'

WWE legend Dwayne Johnson is a 'Rock' Star of epic proportions
WWE legend Dwayne Johnson is a 'Rock' Star of epic proportions

WWE has already begun airing commercials hyping next year's WrestleMania in Los Angeles. Fans should expect a star-studded card in Hollywood in 2023.

One of the names that has surfaced (again) as potentially being part of this huge presentation is The Rock. Ever since Roman Reigns turned heel, the WWE Universe has been clamoring for his older cousin to come back and teach him a lesson. The bright lights of LA seem to be the perfect setting for it.

Being the toast of Tinsel Town, The Rock is on top of the world right now. He's admired by men, adored by women, and everything he touches seems to turn to gold. He is the number one star in movieland, and it doesn't seem like his popularity is going to wane anytime soon.

In many ways, the reigning King of Hollywood and Sports Entertainment has a lot in common with another King - Elvis Presley.

Elvis, who died 45 years ago this month, had much the same appeal as Johnson does today. His style, swagger and skills all combined to make him the biggest star of his era. Not just in music, but entertainment as a whole. When Elvis was unleashed upon the world, he had everyone all shook up.

The Rock has done that in professional wrestling and on the silver screen. Like Presley, he's molded his image and kept people asking for more. Here are five reasons why Dwayne Johnson is the 'Elvis of WWE.'

#5 - Dwayne Johnson and Elvis Presley were both broke and rejected before they made it big

Both of these men's stories are well-documented. They had little to no money before they became rich and famous.

Presley grew up in virtual poverty in Tupelo, Mississippi. Meanwhile, The Rock famously had $7 in his pocket when he met with Jim Ross and signed with WWE. This is the reason he named his company Seven Bucks Productions.

Both men were also initially shunned by their eventual fanbase. Elvis was reviled in the South for being considered too racy. His hip gyrations and reliance on playing soul music made him a villain to the established order.

On the flipside, The People's Champion was once rejected by wrestling fans because he had too much of a good-guy image. Probably because they all had suspicious minds.

Being broke and disparaged didn't stop either man. Because they had a burning love for their dreams, they were finally able to live them at the highest level.

#4 - WWE was The Rock's version of Sun Records

When a young Elvis Presley recorded his first tracks for iconic producer Sam Phillips, he would become the darling of Memphis. Phillips' company, Sun Records, would not only release music from the King - they also had names like Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins on the roster.

The Rock had a stay in Memphis as well. But he didn't get caught in a trap there as he progressed through the territory on his way to the big time. He too would be joining WWE's stable of stars like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and The Undertaker - only to outshine them all.

#3 - Both The Rock and Elvis are known for having very distinct facial expressions

Anyone who has ever tried to imitate Elvis knows that they have to throw in his distinctive lip quiver. It was one of his trademarks, although it was likely just a nervous reaction that he didn't even realize he was doing.

The Rock (of course) comes equipped with the most electrifying eyebrow in all of sports and entertainment. Anyone who spews one of his catchphrases must immediately strike his signature 'pose above the nose'.

#2 - Both left their particular genres for a career in Hollywood and eventually came back

After his amazing run at the top of the charts, Elvis began making movies and appeared in 27 films during the 60's. He would eventually make a huge comeback with his 'Tiger Man' television special. This appearance is considered the stuff of musical legend today.

Likewise, The Rock has made several returns to the ring since beginning his acting career in the late 90's. He also wasn't afraid to break into song anytime he came back for an encore performance on the WWE stage.

The Rock has stated in the past that he's a huge fan of Presley's music. Also, one of his favorite songs to 'cover' is Are You Lonesome Tonight. Which, we assume, makes all the ladies swoon.

#1 - Crowd chemistry

If you can merely stroll out and look at the audience to elicit a response, that's crowd control of the highest order. Both of these two titans of entertainment possessed that kind of power.

Elvis' popularity re-defined the term 'fanatical', as he was one of the first musical stars who literally had to hide to keep from getting mobbed by the public. As one of the stars of the golden age of television, he was beamed into the homes of people who may have never even seen a live performance of any kind at that point.

Few entertainers in history have had the commanding presence of The Rock
Few entertainers in history have had the commanding presence of The Rock

Fast forward about 40 years, and The Rock would become one of the biggest stars of cable television, carrying the banner for WWE's media juggernaut. Like Elvis, he became known simply by one name, and that name would become iconic in global pop culture.

WWE, much like Sun Records with Elvis, also couldn't contain the monster they created. Everyone wanted a piece of The Rock, and they just couldn't help falling in love with him.

As a matter of fact? Some might say The Rock has delivered a performance that is worthy of... a King.


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