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5 Reasons why Brock Lesnar will cash in on Kofi Kingston instead of Seth Rollins

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Things are setting up for a Lesnar cash-in on Kingston rather than Seth Rollins.
Things are setting up for a Lesnar cash-in on Kingston rather than Seth Rollins.

Ever since Brock Lesnar rolled into Money in the Bank and pulled down the briefcase towards the end of the PPV, it's been posited that he will be going after Seth Rollins. Rollins, of course, took the Universal Championship from him and it would seem like the logical choice.

WWE Management even made it a point to have Lesnar 'announce' who he was going to cash in on. Due to him being a storyline 'free agent', he could conceivably go after either champion. Contract winners weren't forced to announce their cash-ins before, but since Lesnar is listed as a member of Raw, conventional thinking would make everyone think that Rollins is at the mercy of 'the Beast.'

Logic and conventional thinking don't always come into play regarding some storylines. A lot of what has been done since Lesnar won the briefcase has been done to make us think that The Beast won't go after Kingston.

There are many reasons why Lesnar may still go after 'the Beastslayer', but I think it's being done to keep us off of the real intent. Here are five reasons why Lesnar will cash-in his MITB briefcase on Kingston instead of Rollins.

#5 He's already feuded with Rollins

Lesnar and Rollins have crossed paths more than once in WWE.
Lesnar and Rollins have crossed paths more than once in WWE.

Most of the opponents that Lesnar has faced have been Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and most recently, Rollins. They (Rollins and Lesnar) have a history that goes back a few years to when Rollins cashed-in his briefcase during the Lesnar/Reigns match at WrestleMania 31.

Rollins spent the better part of six months last year lambasting 'the Beast' while Paul Heyman offered up most of the retorts. Since Lesnar shows up sporadically, it got stale pretty quickly. If they have Rollins in their sights again, it will basically be more of the same from late 2018 and 2019 until WrestleMania 35.

On Monday's Raw, Heyman basically double-talked regarding when Lesnar will show up, where he will show up and how he will show up. He basically meant to 'stay tuned' because Lesnar might show up whenever. That actually might mean that WWE has used up some of his 'limited appearances' that he usually has attached to his deals.

Because of that, he will likely go away for a few months so that we forget about him. When he does return, it would be more of a shock if he goes after Kingston rather than Rollins. Any time a championship match goes down, however, that match won't be over until the screen goes to black without Lesnar appearing.

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