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5 reasons why Daniel Bryan quietly turned babyface at a WWE Live Event

Rohit Nath
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Published 23 Sep 2019, 22:58 IST
23 Sep 2019, 22:58 IST

A heel no longer?
A heel no longer?

If you're not up to date, a rather interesting occurence happened this past weekend at WWE's East Asian Live Events. Kofi Kingston was naturally the headliner, since he was in the tour where the WWE title was the main event.

The main event was a WrestleMania 35 rematch, with Kofi Kingston putting the WWE Championship on the line against Daniel Bryan. Since it was a live event, Kingston won clean of course, but Daniel Bryan was quite over as a babyface.

That isn't unusual in itself, but what took people by surprise was that prior to the match, during the match and after it, Bryan was a full-fledged babyface. Not only did he shake Kingston's hand before the match, but he also raised it after he lost, giving a huge endorsement to the reigning champion.

The first question, obviously, is to ask why Daniel Bryan quietly turned face. Here are a few theories.

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#5. He's not a heel in the current storyline

Bryan received a massive beatdown on SmackDown Live
Bryan received a massive beatdown on SmackDown Live

Daniel Bryan was a heel, up until Erick Rowan was revealed as Roman Reigns' mystery attacker. Soon after that, Rowan would turn on Bryan and by Clash of Champions 2019, he would align with Luke Harper once again.

The following night saw the pairing officially end as Rowan and Harper blindsided Bryan, brutally attacking him and sending him through a table. The reality is that he has already quietly been a babyface who simply exhibits heel traits. That's good because it goes consistently well with his character; he isn't just another happy babyface again without any anger or resentment.

The slow-burn has been a really interesting one to watch and it's only going to get more interesting as the storyline progresses.

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