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5 Reasons why Seth Rollins is receiving massive heat from fans these days

Riju Dasgupta
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36.01K   //    11 Oct 2019, 09:31 IST

Why is Rollins bearing the brunt of the WWE Universe?
Why is Rollins bearing the brunt of the WWE Universe?

It was earlier this year when spurred by fan support, Seth Rollins unseated The Beast Incarnate from his perch to become the Universal Champion at WrestleMania 35. The crowd would showcase their support and it became clear that he would become their guy.

But ever since then, something just has not clicked between Seth Rollins and the WWE Universe. Even though he is still the top babyface in the company at this point, the audience just doesn't seem to be into him as much as they once used to be.

It's hilarious in a sense, that his Shield brother Roman Reigns addressed the fact that he got booed in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated (since Reigns is no stranger to fans turning against a popular babyface). What has changed in Seth Rollins' persona to such a degree that the audience just doesn't seem into him in 2019?

I have 5 theories that may explain why this may have happened...

#5 Twitter exchange with Will Ospreay

It is easy to forget sometimes that behind the glitz and the glamor, Superstars like Seth Rollins are performers who can make mistakes especially when it comes to things like social media. How many times is it that you have typed out a Tweet or Facebook post, and deleted it soon after, because you regretted what you said? Seth Rollins had one of those moments when he addressed Will Ospreay's bank statement during a recent exchange with the man on Twitter.

That Twitter post caught the eye of the WWE Universe and because it was such a cheap shot, it just earned him a great deal of heat. It isn't the kind of conduct one expects from the face of WWE, and the fans let him know this when the post became public!

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