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5 similarities between Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon and Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon

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The new generation's Austin vs McMahon?
The new generation's Austin vs McMahon?

Two weeks ago, SmackDown Live saw Kevin Owens embrace his inner babyface, after turning on Dolph Ziggler. The former Universal Champion was the highlight of last week's episode, as he delivered one of the best promos in recent history, bashing Shane McMahon in the process.

Owens' promo was met with an incredibly positive reaction from the live crowd, and the aftermath on social media told the same story. The night didn't end here for Owens though, as he came back later to deliver a thunderous Stunner on Shane and assist Roman Reigns in defeating Dolph Ziggler.

On the latest episode, Shane got hit with another Stunner. These events have led to fans speculating on WWE trying to recreate Austin vs McMahon, possibly the greatest WWE rivalry ever. Let's take a look at 5 similarities between these two feuds.

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#5 Nice guy turns into a power-hungry villain

Vince and Shane
Vince and Shane

Up until the mid-90s, Vince McMahon was possibly the most wholesome entity on WWE TV. He could be seen supporting the babyfaces while doing commentary alongside Jerry Lawler, and always sported a calm and composed demeanor. When Bret Hart snapped on Vince, it led to the creation of the evil Mr. McMahon. Post-Montreal Screwjob, he became an arrogant, power-hungry man who wasn't someone to be messed with.

Shane McMahon's WWE return in 2016 was a huge moment, and he turned into one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE. He took on the role of a good guy authority figure and things went smoothly for a while. He even feuded with a heel Kevin Owens on one occasion. Shane turned on The Miz earlier this year and has now become one of the most genuinely hated heels in WWE. He regularly inserts himself in the top spot, and the fans aren't thrilled one bit. Shane is currently on a power trip and calls himself "Best in the world".

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