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5 smartest things WWE Superstars did to trick their opponents

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Cena defeats Batista
Cena defeats Batista

Professional wrestlers are known for their impressive physique and chiseled up muscles. There aren't many who hold wrestlers in high regard when it comes to their brains. But are they in the right in doing so?

Remember when Vince McMahon convinced Stone Cold Steve Austin that The Undertaker and The Ministry of Darkness had kidnapped Stephanie, and that he needed him to save his daughter? In the end, Vince was revealed as the higher power to everyone's shock. Although devious, it was incredibly smart on the part of McMahon to trick Austin in such a manner. This isn't the only instance when Superstars used their brains to trick their foes.

In the following slideshow, we will take a look at 5 times WWE Superstars got really smart and used their brains to come up with creative ideas to take down their opponents.

Note: The following article is in line with kayfabe and should be taken as such.

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#5 Edge cashes in on a half-conscious John Cena

Edge cashes in
Edge cashes in

Edge was destined to become a major star when he won the Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 21. This was a brand new concept and no one knew what WWE could do with it.

At New Year's Revolution, John Cena went through hell and defeated 5 Superstars to win the Elimination Chamber match. Suddenly, Mr. McMahon came out and announced that Edge wanted to cash in his MITB contract. To a loud chorus of cheers, Edge made quick work of Cena and won his first WWE Title.

This is one of the most shocking moments in the history of WWE, and it was incredibly smart of Edge to cash in when Cena was practically unable to compete. This move gave Edge the moniker of "The Ultimate Opportunist".

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