5 Strange, funny and uneasy alliances in WWE history

Team HELL NO! was an unlikely pairing that went on to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship
Team HELL NO! was an unlikely pairing that went on to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship

In the history of WWE, there have been several tag teams that could politely be termed as 'mis-matched'

Call them odd couples or crazy mix-'em-ups, but there's something special about two opposing athletes coming together for a common goal that's extremely entertaining. It's a cauldron of controversy that usually leads to calamity. However, when the pair does eventually click, the last laugh is typically on their opponents.

It doesn't even have to be tag team partners. Any mixture of WWE personalities - be it the wrestlers, announcers, managers, or authority figures - can make for a strange brew. In sports entertainment, there tend to be plenty of combustible elements.

Here's a look at just a few of the great 'uneasy alliances' from WWE's storied past.

#5 - William Regal and Tajiri

If there were ever two guys who would be the perfect pair for a sitcom, it would be these. William Regal and Tajiri couldn't be more opposite, but the combination of the two was pure gold. The brash Englishman and the mischievous Japanese star had WWE audiences chuckling throughout the early 2000s.

The friends exchanged a lot of funny moments. Most of their best segments came when Regal was an authority figure and Tajiri was his second in command.


Not only did Regal and Tajiri win the WWE Tag Team Championships during their partnership, but they also remain close friends to this day. Both men have been mentioned by members of the WWE Universe as being potential Hall of Fame candidates at some point down the road.

#4 - Edge and Vickie Guerrero

Some relationships begin out of love, while others begin out of chance. For Edge and Vickie Guerrero, their relationship formed based on spite and opportunity.

As Guerrero assumed power on SmackDown, she began a romantic onscreen relationship with The Rated-R Superstar. Using her power, she kept giving her man every single advantage she could in his quest to re-capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

He wanted gold and glory while she wanted romance and to be the center of attention. Their awkward alliance confused the audience, and their response to this love story was both hot and cold.

In the end, the two were supposed to be married. However, Triple H would crash the ceremony and show a very damning video. It provided evidence that the groom had been cheating on Vickie with their wedding planner, Alicia Fox. That was the last straw, and this strange romance essentially ended right there.

#3 - Kane and Daniel Bryan

As 'Team Hell No!' the pairing of Kane and Daniel Bryan was like fire and ice. Bryan is a well-known technical master and one of the best grapplers in the world. Meanwhile, Kane is a giant monster of a man who brought with him punishing power.

The partners' dysfunction reached a boiling point, however, when they finally had to attend anger management counseling to bring them closer as a team.


Needless to say, seeing the two opposites try to explain their feelings just made them seem more and more like polar opposities. It had the audience intrigued, wondering just how bizarre this story would continue to get.

Finally realizing that they were both just about as equally crazy as the other, the two men forged a bond. From there, they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship together, proving that therapy really does work.

#2 - Booker T and Goldust

Very few performers have the kind of comedic chemistry that Booker T and Goldust shared when they were put together as a team. The two-time Hall of Famer and The Golden One were undoubtedly the perfect pairing in terms of mirth and merriment.

The odd couple were always finding themselves in silly situations that produced some of the best WWE segments of the early 2000s. One in particular was when they impersonated The Rock. The end result was hysterical.

Despite all the kidding around, their time in the ring teaming up together was no laughing matter. Eventually, things started to click, and they ended up capturing the WWE World Tag Team Championship during their run.

Anyone watching this era of the promotion's programming can tell you that their promos and vignettes were NOT to be missed. Together, Goldust and Booker T formed a strange legacy of a team that wasn't supposed to come together, but ended up successful in the end.

#1 - The Rock 'n' Sock Connection is WWE's most successful odd couple of all time

There's no denying the vast achievements of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and The Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment, The Rock. Both men were dominant figures in The Attitude Era and went on to become massive mainstream stars.

But back in 1999, the duo comprised one of the most far-fetched combinations of all time. The ultra-serious and sarcastic People's Champion with a cuddly, friendly Hardcore Legend.

However, it was admittedly a rough start as Mankind did everything in his power to try and win The Rock over as his partner. This led to some of the most entertaining moments in WWE history. That would include the legendary "This Your Life... The Rock" segment, which was both critically acclaimed and highly rated.


Over the years, Foley and The Rock would reunite several times to battle the forces of evil. Each reboot brought a huge reaction from the audience, and both men seem to legitimately have a great time when they get the opportunity to work together.

Not only are both The Rock and Mick Foley icons in their own right as solo stars, but they were also the epitome of an odd couple. Teaming as The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, they made some hilarious history together.

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