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5 superstars once rumoured to be the next John Cena

Daniel Crump
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So many lost hopes.
So many lost hopes.

Perhaps the greatest honour that can be given to a WWE superstar is when fans start asking who will be the next 'you'. For much of the 80s, it was Hulk Hogan leading the way with main event after main event and championship after championship. By the time 1993 came around and the Hulkster was gone from the company, Vince knew he needed to find the next Hogan - which, incidentally, did not turn out to be Lex Luger!

Just under a decade later and the WWE would find themselves in a similar problem. After relying on the drawing power of Stone Cold Steve Austin for so many years, 2002 was all about finding the next person to take over. While it is great for a company like WWE to have such a high profile name to depend upon, the company must always be looking towards the future in case the worst should happen.

For better or worse, John Cena has been that man over the past 15 years but that doesn't mean Vince and the rest of the WWE Universe were not busy asking themselves who the next John Cena would be. Here are 5 men who were once given that important accolade:

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