5 things Cesaro has yet to accomplish in WWE

Cesaro has yet to achieve several accolades in WWE
Cesaro has yet to achieve several accolades in WWE

Cesaro quietly left WWE earlier this year. The Swiss superstar's contract allegedly finished up and he supposedly rejected WWE's new offer. So far, the star has remained quiet about his status, but many believed he'd end up joining AEW, WWE's competition.

New rumors have given hope to the WWE Universe, however. The former United States Champion may end up back in WWE. After being with the promotion for a decade, it feels like home and his peers as well as fans would certainly enjoy his return.

If the Swiss Superman does make a return to WWE, there's much for him to do still. Despite being part of the main roster for so long, there's a surprisingly large list of potential accolades to still come his way.

Below are 5 things Cesaro has yet to accomplish in WWE.

#5. He's never been King of the Ring

The King of the Ring crown
The King of the Ring crown

A major achievement Cesaro is yet to accomplish is winning the King of the Ring tournament. This may be down to the fact that the tournament has only taken place three times since he joined the main roster.

Out of those three King of the Ring tournaments, the Swiss Superman appeared in two of them. Unfortunately, he lost in the opening round of both.

Despite a lackluster record in those past brackets, the King of the Ring is perfect for the Swiss Cyborg. He has incredible cardio and a varied moveset, so he'll be able to deliver high-quality matches throughout. The King of Swing may well become the King of the Ring if he returns to WWE.

#4. Cesaro hasn't captured the Intercontinental Championship

Ricochet is the Intercontinental Champion
Ricochet is the Intercontinental Champion

Cesaro is a former United States Champion. Surprisingly, that's the only singles championship he's held during his time with WWE. The Intercontinental title would be perfect for the star, but he's yet to obtain it.

If the Swiss superstar does return to WWE in the near future, winning the title is certainly possible. Ricochet currently holds the championship, though he may end up losing the belt to Gunther.

Both of those two superstars would make for excellent opponents for the Swiss Superman. The battles he'd have with either talent would be memorable. Plus, if he were to defeat one of them for the gold, it'd be a new accolade he has yet to achieve.

#3. The Swiss star hasn't had a singles main event on a big-four event

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The Swiss star's WWE career has primarily been in the middle of the card or spent time in the tag team. While he is an excellent tag team competitor who has held gold with several different partners, tag teams in WWE are rarely treated as main event acts.

If Cesaro wanted to be in the main event for one of the big four events, he'd need to do it as a singles star. He is yet to be in the main event for SummerSlam, Survivor Series, or WrestleMania. An argument could be made that he's main evented the Royal Rumble on a technicality, but only as part of a field with 29 other competitors.

Being in the main event of one of the major events WWE puts on yearly would be quite the feat. The star had a small taste of the main event in 2021 when he battled Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania Backlash, but doing so on a bigger show would be a major achievement.

#2. Cesaro hasn't won the Royal Rumble

While this list focuses on what Cesaro has yet to accomplish, it isn't as if he hasn't achieved a lot in his WWE career. The veteran won numerous titles, even though they were primarily in the tag team ranks.

One solo achievement he did obtain was the Andre the Giant Battle Royal trophy. Cesaro was part of the inaugural battle royal at WrestleMania XXX. After a fierce match, the powerhouse last eliminated the Big Show to win the match.

With success in the big-time battle royals already, the Swiss Cyborg will likely have his eye on winning a Royal Rumble match if he does return to the company. Plus, winning the prestigious battle royal could aid the star in obtaining another goal he's yet to reach.

#1. The Swiss Superman is yet to win a world title in WWE

Roman Reigns and The Usos
Roman Reigns and The Usos

The biggest possible achievement that the veteran superstar has yet to earn is a world championship. Despite all of Cesaro's talent, his size, the undeniable physique, and his connection with the audience, he is yet to become a top tier champion in WWE.

It felt as though he was closer than ever in 2021. The Swiss Superman connected with the audience and even had a main event at WrestleMania Backlash. He challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship but came up short.

Unfortunately, that period came before fans were regularly back in attendance for live shows. Had the WWE Universe been able to loudly express their support for the star, perhaps he would have remained in the main event scene. This is a goal he could still obtain if he were to re-sign with the promotion.

If the Swiss Cyborg does make a return, he could go in numerous directions. The veteran star has a lot of goals left to pursue, and the WWE Universe will gladly support him on his journey towards accomplishing them.

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