5 Things Charlotte Flair wrote about Becky Lynch in her book

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are two of WWE's top stars
Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are two of WWE's top stars
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Are Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair still friends in real life? That’s the question on the WWE Universe’s mind after a chaotic few days in the women’s division.

Last Friday, Flair was, allegedly, escorted out of the building after going off-script during her title exchange with Lynch on SmackDown. Since then, it has emerged that the SmackDown Women’s Champion is reportedly disliked backstage.

Charlotte Flair having issues behind the scenes with Nia Jax, Sonya Deville, or anyone else in WWE is hardly headline-grabbing news. One exception, however, is Becky Lynch.

The real people behind the larger-than-life personas, Ashley Fliehr and Rebecca Quin were inseparable just a few years ago. In 2017, Flair even wrote about her friendship with Lynch in her book Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte.

In this article, let’s look back at the book and find out what The Queen said about The Man before their alleged issues began.

#5. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair quickly became friends

We're just a couple of @MuscleEgg heads... @MsCharlotteWWE

Charlotte Flair signed a developmental contract with WWE in May 2012 despite having no wrestling experience. A year later, Becky Lynch joined WWE after making a name for herself on the independent scene.

Flair’s first mention of Lynch in her book came in the ‘acknowledgments’ section as part of the introduction. Later in the book, Flair explained how she quickly formed a friendship with the "kind, genuine" Lynch during their time in NXT.

“I started to work with another incredible talent: Becky Lynch. Becky is from Ireland. She’s loved WWE from the time she was a child and has an incredible background. After being trained in wrestling by Finn Balor, Becky performed in Europe, Canada, Mexico, the United States, and Japan. She studied Muay Thai in Thailand, was a personal trainer, got her degree in acting, and studied the art of the clown. Above all her talents, from the moment I met her, I knew Becky was a kind, genuine person. We became fast friends.”

Charlotte Flair went on to give detailed summaries of her NXT matches with Bayley, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Sasha Banks, and others. She also commented on Lynch’s in-ring skills, saying she could perform the "ground and pound" European style just as well as executing a missile dropkick.

#4. Charlotte Flair compared her and Becky Lynch to Thelma and Louise

#TBT darker days 😁 @BeckyLynchWWE

Anyone who followed Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair on social media before their 2018 feud knows about their genuine friendship. The two traveled to and from WWE events together. They also posted amusing content on Instagram while waiting backstage at shows.

Flair admitted in her book that she struggled to adjust to WWE’s main roster after receiving her call-up from NXT in July 2015. At the time, her friendship with Lynch reminded her of the 1991 film Thelma and Louise.

“What I was most thankful for during this time was that Becky was my travel partner. We navigated the main roster as well as the highways and byways of the United States together. We trained together and worked on honing our skills. Becky was the Thelma to my Louise. Getting used to the schedule was the most difficult part of the debut. And we didn’t want to just debut; we wanted to make a difference.”
This is OUR House. #RawOklahoma @RealPaigeWWE @BeckyLynchWWE 👊🏻💪🏻✊🏻 @WWE

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair joined forces with Paige after moving to RAW and SmackDown. The trio, known as Team PCB, defeated Team B.A.D. and Team Bella in a three-team elimination match at SummerSlam 2015.

Following the event, Flair immediately entered into her first major main-roster singles storyline when she feuded with then-Divas Champion Nikki Bella.

#3. Charlotte Flair thought Becky Lynch had more momentum in 2015


Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks joined WWE’s main roster at the same time. Although Banks and Lynch had more experience, Flair instantly received a push as the next big star of the women’s division.

Thanks to their storylines and character progression on NXT, Banks and Lynch’s personas were ready-made for RAW and SmackDown. Charlotte Flair, by contrast, felt her character still needed work when she was booked to defeat Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship.

“I didn’t know who my character was. Why would the company choose me? Becky thrived in PCB and became the ultimate hero. Sasha had come off her two best matches thus far in NXT: dropping the title to Bayley in an all-time classic at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn that August; followed by her women’s Iron Man match with Bayley. Becky and Sasha had a ton of momentum. I felt like I was just Charlotte, Ric Flair’s athletic, blond daughter. I didn’t have any equity as a character.”
So proud and happy for @MsCharlotteWWE !! Time for a PCB celebration!!

Becky Lynch didn't have a problem with her best friend winning the Divas Championship at Night of Champions 2015. However, according to Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks felt she should have been booked in that spot instead of The Queen.

Flair claimed in her book that Banks was "angry" about not facing Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship.

#2. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair made a promise to each other

Lass Kicking with FLAIR! @BeckyLynchWWE @WWE

Given the circumstances, Charlotte Flair’s most interesting quote in her book revolves around the promise that she and Becky Lynch made to each other.

Flair wrote that she had found her "partner in crime" in Lynch as they had similar schedules and always had each others' back. Both women also agreed to "call the other out" if either of their egos got out of control.

“From traveling in PCB to our series of matches with one another, I learned to have fun while traveling with my partner in crime. I think the hardest part of this job is dealing with the travel. Finding someone you are compatible with on the road makes all the difference. We followed the same routine, and it worked. We always promised each other if one of us changed, we would call the other out and make sure she came back to Earth.”
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PW Torch’s Wade Keller recently spoke to an unnamed wrestler about Flair. The wrestler reportedly claimed that the SmackDown star is "only interested in how she looks" and "scrutinizes everything she’s involved in with a self-centered filter."

Based on recent developments, it's safe to assume Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are no longer on the wavelength they once were.

#1. Charlotte Flair couldn’t wait to repay Becky Lynch for helping her


While Charlotte Flair shot to superstardom in 2015, Becky Lynch had to wait for her main-event opportunity. The Man won the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 2016, but she did not truly become a WWE megastar until 2018.

Writing in 2017, Flair said Lynch showed "true friendship" by supporting her even though their WWE fortunes were vastly different. The Queen added that she wanted to repay Lynch one day, presumably by losing to her in a WWE rivalry.

“We bounced ideas off each other, laughed together, cried together (sometimes from laughing), and were angry, but we always had each other’s backs. We wanted the best for each other. Imagine a friend who has something that you have dreamed about your entire life, but you still give her advice and want her to have that position and success. That’s true friendship. Even if I was getting pushed and Becky wasn’t, she was there for me. I can’t wait for the day when I get to repay her.”
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. @MsCharlotteWWE @BeckyLynchWWE

A year after the book’s release, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair participated in a storyline that turned out to be WWE’s best rivalry of 2018. The feud began when Lynch betrayed her friend at SummerSlam in a career-altering moment that led to the creation of "The Man."

The eight-month storyline resulted in Lynch defeating Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey in the WrestleMania 35 main event to win the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships. The historic match was the first women’s main event in WrestleMania history.

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