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5 things that shouldn't have happened on RAW - 4th June, 2018

Kishan Prasad
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Losing streak continues!
Losing streak continues!

The week's RAW was absurd with very little build to the matches at Money In The Bank. While this episode left a lot to be desired, we saw No. 1 Contenders being crowned for the RAW Tag Team Titles. Elias as always made this episode of RAW entertaining but the main event came off sluggish and looked very abruptly booked.

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There was very little that one could praise after this show. The show remained stagnant throughout and took many unseen turns which were still a mystery. The only highlight of the show was Braun Strowman portraying his strength by breaking a ladder set up by Bobby Roode.

Here are five bookings that shouldn't have happened in this week's episode or at least happened in a better way.

#5 Ridiculous ending to the Reigns & Rollins vs Mahal & Elias

Red Hot Rollins!
Red Hot Rollins!

There's no doubt that Seth Rollins is in the best shape of his life. He has been on a roll since WrestleMania 34, defending the Intercontinental Title almost every week. He has done an impeccable job of not allowing the WWE Universe miss the Universal Title.

Seth Rollins will face Elias for the IC Title at MITB in two weeks and the two squared off against each other in a tag team match. Rollins was tagging with Reigns while Elias was paired up with Mahal.

Rollins, as usual, lit the ring on fire with his impressive move set and bursts of energy. During the match, Sunil Singh was about to blindside Rollins with a steel chair but Rollins snatched the chair and ran after him. Singh led Rollins into the ring where Elias caught him and delivered a DDT to Rollins on a steel chair in plain sight of the referee.

The referee should have disqualified Elias right then but for some reason, the referee waited for Elias to hit Rollins with the Drift Away and counted to three. There is no problem with Elias picking up the win here, but the referee not disqualifying Elias or even acting like Sunil Singh was distracting him seemed ridiculous. the referee even took the chair and threw it out of the ring after the DDT.

The reaction of the referee and his carelessness is what ridiculed the entire spot. WWE has become clumsy in many decisions and this one helps in proving the sloppiness of WWE.

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