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5 Things WWE subtly told us on RAW: Legendary superstar pins current Champion, Edge's bitter rival to be the special guest referee for match vs Orton? (March 16th, 2020) 

  • The Undertaker possibly had a major gimmick change while Edge challenged Randy Orton to a huge stipulation match.
  • Which Champion was pinned on RAW? And did WWE have a major problem with the last segment?
Rohit Nath
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Modified 17 Mar 2020, 09:35 IST

What was RAW like behind closed doors?
What was RAW like behind closed doors?

The latest episode of RAW was unique, to say the least. It was different from anything we've seen before - barring this past episode of SmackDown. However, there was a clear difference between the two shows and how they were presented.

If you read our articles frequently, you've likely seen many occasions where we praise RAW for its change in direction while criticizing SmackDown for its lack of originality and storyline development.

However, things were reversed this week and there's no denying that SmackDown was better this week in every aspect. We weren't fans of the fact that WWE used the Men's Royal Rumble match replay to fill in over an hour of content. While their backs were against the wall and they were very limited with the personnel present, SmackDown was an example of what could have been done better.

Either way, let's jump right into the things that WWE subtly told us on RAW:

#5 Rey Mysterio back in the mix?

A big win
A big win

Rey Mysterio has been relatively absent this past February and has returned just in time for WrestleMania season. Things are vastly different this year at WrestleMania 36 and knowing that it's happening at the Performance Center - the entire approach, anticipation, and excitement about it has changed as well.

WWE decided to renew the rivalry between Andrade and Rey Mysterio after the United States Champion recently defeated Humberto Carrillo to end their feud. While Andrade has been victorious over Mysterio on countless occasions, this time around, it was the legend who beat the United States Champion, pinning him clean.

This could mean that Rey Mysterio is on a collision course for another United States Championship opportunity. Since the match happened on RAW, we can't see it happening at WrestleMania. Perhaps a US title opportunity in the next week or two.

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Published 17 Mar 2020, 09:35 IST
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