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5 Things You Should Know About Kevin Owens 

  • The 'Prizefighter" opened up quite a bit to Lillian Garcia on her show. Here's 5 things we learned.
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WWE Superstar Kevin Owens
WWE Superstar Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is one of WWE's most recognizable Superstars. The Canadian born professional wrestler has been an integral part of weekly episodic WWE television since his memorable main roster debut in 2015 when he instantly feuded with John Cena. Since then, Owens participated in the unforgettable Festival of Friendship with Chris Jericho, had a number of classic bouts against long time frenemy Sami Zayn, betrayed The New Day, and has held multiple titles, including the prestigious Universal Championship.

Despite his numerous successes, Owens has found himself lacking and although it's often been a struggle to point to a specific reason why, he did his best to open up on today's episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia where he talked about the ups and downs of his WWE career.

Join us and get to know WWE Superstar Kevin Owens like never before.

#5. Kevin Owens Questions His Place In WWE

#5. Kevin Owens Questions His Place In WWE
#5. Kevin Owens Questions His Place In WWE

While Kevin Owens has had his share of obvious successes in WWE, that doesn't stop him from experiencing crippling self-doubt, which has often caused him to question his place in the company.

After his WrestleMania 33 match with jilted on-screen former best friend Chris Jericho, Owens learned that Vince McMahon wasn't quite satisfied with the bout. In footage now forever memorialized on WWE Network's 365, Owens went up to the WWE CEO and asked if everything was OK, but received a stern, "No."

The match and McMahon's ensuing reaction caused Owens to spiral into self doubt,

"That made me question myself as a performer. That made me question my place in WWE and ultimately affected my life in every aspect because I'm so passionate about this."

Owens found support through his wife, but admits, "Those couple months were real rough." He points back to that time as the "one night where everything switched" for him and although he had two years worth of success on the main roster felt a new pressure to "catch up."

He confided in Lilian Garcia,

"I felt like I wasn't doing anything right. After WrestleMania, after that match, I tried to kind of change things about my personality, or my character, and even the way I wrestle to try to be more in line with what the company needed me to be or what the show needed me to be, but it was hard because I wasn't finding it."

Things haven't exactly cleared up for Owens, who has struggled to find balance,

"If anything, I still feel like I'm struggling to find it because there's a balance between what I was for those first two years and what I've been since and what the show needs me to be for the people in charge, but it's hard for me to find that balance. It's been a struggle since that moment, I'd say."

If you're thinking the experience helped Owens grow, think again,

"I'd like to say it made me grow, but I don't think I can say that. I think if anything, I tried to grow, but I don't know if I did."

Owens' fans can find silver lining in the fact that he has learned to accept things since his match with Jericho, a bout Vince McMahon labeled as, "One of the worst matches in WrestleMania history."

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Published 02 Jul 2019, 00:31 IST
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